Yes,Lin Yang is going to give Lin Feng a good start right away。
Don’t think that you let them go to Lin’s family to attend father’s sacrifice,Just admit that Lin Feng is a member of their Lin family。
to be frank,Just now,Lin Yang is really worried,The butler will privately let Lin Feng and their car in。
After all, I didn’t have this matter,I went to notify the Lin family alone。
But it seems that even if I don’t need to give special instructions,,I am afraid that the Lin family’s subordinates would not regard Lin Feng and his family as their Lin family’s family.。
As long as people have this attitude,Lin Yang is completely relieved。
Lin Yang wants Lin Feng to remember his identity all the time,he,Lin Feng,It’s never possible to be the real descendant of the Lin family。
What if he is qualified to participate in his father’s sacrifice today?
An illegitimate child will always be an illegitimate child,This identity can never be changed。
So Lin Yang is smiling,Sat back on the sofa again,And then told the butler:
“Ten minutes later,Go and invite their family in,Do you understand?”
After the butler heard Lin Yang’s order,The whole person was unconsciously stunned,What does this mean?