The same last night。So today in the car。On the way back,He fell asleep。
After the car arrives home,Xiao Fan couldn’t bear to disturb Lin Yun,He came to the co-pilot and opened the door,I want to lift Lin Yoona from the car。
However,Just helped Lin Yuna unfasten the seat belt,Lin Yoona was awakened。He suddenly held Xiao Fan’s hand。
May be conditioned,Scared Xiao Fan,At this moment, Lin Yuner said to Xiao Fan:“what’s wrong?”
Xiao Fan said:“Got home,You slept too well just now,I wanted to take you into the house,Actually woke up。”
At this moment, Lin Yuner quickly closed her eyes and said to Xiao Fan:“Not awake,I fell asleep again。”
Xiao Fan smiled and slowly hugged Lin Yun’er。He knew that Lin Yoona did it on purpose,Want him to hug。
So he took her into the house。Going upstairs is effortless,After all, I often love fitness。
I took her into the bed in the bedroom and told Lin Yoona:“Sleep well!Auntie is out shopping,Come back to cook in a while,I already called him。”
Lin Yoona closed her eyes and nodded,Say:“Thanks husband。”
Xiao Fan kissed Lin Yuner’s forehead,And then left the room,Back to the car,take baggage。
After putting everything in place。he is。A glass of water in the living room,Aunt Bao, the nanny, is back。
When I saw Xiao Fan, I was very happy and told him:“Mr. is back。quite fast,I came back so soon after calling me。”
Xiao Fan said:“Yes,But the speed is ok,Not fast,Thank you aunty。Yoona is sleeping upstairs,You quickly cook,After a while, he got up and told me to have lunch. Maybe he was hungry.。”
Aunt said:“Nothing,it is good,I will do it,The vegetables just bought are fresh,I bought some seafood and came back to Yun’er. I love seafood,I bought some crabs。”
Xiao Fan nodded and said:“Hard aunt。”
When Lin Yuner opened her eyes,11Too much。
She rubbed her distressed eyes and went downstairs。Found that Xiao Fan is not there,Only the nanny and aunt are making the order