How can I enjoy a healthy bath and enjoy bathing?

A long time ago, there was a very interesting story about water and skin.

  Although in the city, the bathroom does not occupy a prominent part, and the power supply network is limited, in the West, this bathing tradition lasted for the entire century: in the 6th century, Benancio?

Fortunato thoroughly described the bathroom in a bishop’s villa in Bordeaux; Gregoire?

Detour elaborated on how the Puyati’s nuns left their convent after the abbot’s dean allowed the strangers to “inconveniently” bathe in the women’s bathroom.

In people’s minds, sweating and hot water have been linked to human health and treatment.

  The church disapproves of the “self-indulgence of bathing”; in the 6th century, the purely joyful bath that St. Gregory I pointed to: “If indulgence and sensory enjoyment are the motives of bathing, we will avoid the Sabbath andBathing on any other day, if on the contrary, is the bathing of the flesh, we should not ban it, or even on the Sabbath.

“There is a clear distinction between bathing and health care bathing in the senses. Bathing for cleansing and bathing for health is a bit fuzzy.

  The concept of a curative water that can treat and purify the body exists throughout the Western Middle Ages.

In the 13th century, when there were dozens of steam baths and “roses” in Paris, which created a lyric poem for bathing, the concept reached its peak through the prosperity of the city.

The steam bath showed an image of banned contraindications and excitement. They also won in the public steam bath slowly turning into a prostitution and funeral center.

Noting that the unique social nature of this public steam bath in the late Middle Ages was important; the proportion of men and women tolerated in this bathroom was divided into noisy, and at that time the new decree was trying to exacerbate people’s actions and public safety.Tight control.

As a result, the steam bath gradually moved to a part of the city, and the public bathing system was eventually replaced.

  So, how can you enjoy a good bath and enjoy a bath?


Bathing can’t be too hard, too hard to get black spots on the skin. Some people like to use force to rub the skin when they take a bath. I hope that they can be washed more cleanly. I don’t know if the force is too strong or repeated, otherwise it may lead to darkening of the skin, which means “frictional blackening.”disease”.

  The mystery of rubbing black disease has not been completely uncovered, but the relationship with the improper bathing has been confirmed by experts, mainly due to the local skin is strongly stimulated by mechanical friction, such as bathing towels or chemical fiber.The person who rubbed the towel hard.

It is a pale brown or dark brown pigmentation, diffusely reticular, high in the clavicle, ribs, shoulder blades, elbows, knees and other bone bulges.


After sun exposure, although the day of exposure to the sun has passed, the skin still has a feeling of sensation after sun exposure. When bathing, use a shower of about 38 degrees of warm water, and rinse with a non-irritating moisturizing cooling bath. ConditionalAn ice pack can be used for a gentle rubbing bath.

  Tip: Avoid using a towel or a brush to wipe the body. Immediately after the bath, spray a cool moisturizing toner to remove redness and prevent skin irritation after sun exposure.


In the morning, wake up to the bath and think that bathing in the morning is just an arty trick of “petty capital”. In fact, it is helpful to take a bath in the morning and to protect the skin and the mental state of the day!

A few minutes after getting up, a morning bath with a water temperature of about 42 degrees is quite good. If you don’t sweat, you don’t need soap. Choose some shower gels with fruit or floral aroma to completely awaken the nerves and keep the next day warm.!

  Tip: Cold, warm water alternate bathing can stimulate the skin more effectively, tighten the sympathetic nerves, and make the body function wake up immediately.


After the exercise, after the exercise, the body is still in the state of perspiration. Do not rush to the cold water bath. This will prevent the body from excreting waste. You should sit still for about 15 minutes, wipe off the surface with a towel and warm with 40 degrees.For spraying, choose a bath gel with lavender and other fragrances. The calming and soothing formula is very effective in driving fatigue.


After the rain, itching and bathing the skin is easy to itchy after being wet by the rain. This is due to the reaction of the body sweat mixed with slightly acidic rain. Then, the bathing method can be washed with warm water for 2 minutes and then applied.Sexual or slightly alkaline (ph7 to 8) soap for neutralization.

  Tip: Do not use the scrub brush to brush your body because it is itchy, which will make your skin drier and even cause peeling and chapping.

  As the saying goes: Women are made of water.

Women need the nourishment of water to bloom the most beautiful and beautiful face. Smart women especially know how to use “bathing” to achieve the highest skin care level of the body.