NBA’s official East and West Week Best: Wade Paul was nominated for Jan Harden and nominated
The NBA officially announced the selection of the best players in the East and West last week, and the Heat’s Dwyane Wade and the Clippers’ Chris Paul were elected.Wade and Paul were not elected last week’s best player in the East and West. Wade led the Heat to a 3-1 record last week. He averaged 24 in the Eastern Conference.5 points, plus 4 assists and the fourth-most 2 in the league.25 steals.Wade shot 53 last week.2%, including 13 of 18 against the Cavaliers.In addition, in the game against the Blazers, Wade scored 32 points and 6 assists.  Paul led the Clippers to a four-game winning streak last week. He averaged the league’s fifth-highest 26 points per game, while sending out the second in the Western Conference with 11.3 assists.In the game against the Kings, he scored 30 points and 11 assists, and throughout the week, Paul sent 45 assists and only 7 turnovers.  The following are the wonderful performances of the two last week: Wade: March 17th, against the Cavaliers, scored 32 points and 5 steals, the Heat 106-92 win; March 19th, against the Blazers, got 32 points and 6 assists 4Rebounds, the Heat 108-104 wins; March 21, against the Nuggets, got 22 points and 4 assists, the Heat 108-91 wins.Paul: March 19, against the Kings, scored 30 points and 11 assists, the Clippers won 116-105; March 21, against the Wizards, got 30 points, 15 assists and 6 rebounds, the Clippers won 113-99; MarchOn the 23rd, the Pelicans scored 23 points, 11 assists, 7 rebounds and 4 steals. The Clippers won 107-100.  In addition to Wade and Paul, other nominees for the best players in the East and West last week were: LeBron James (Cavaliers), Reggie Jackson (Pistons), James Harden (Rockets), Blake Griffin,DeAndre Jordan (Clippers), Russell Westbrook (Thunder), Elfried Payton (Magic), Eric Bradso, PJ Tucker (Sun),LaMarcus Aldridge (Pioneer), Cowie Leonard (Spurs) and DeMar DeRozan (Raptors).(Big speakers)

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