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With the awakening of women’s consciousness and the diversification of women’s aesthetics, the traditional settings of “overbearing president” or “prince charming” are somewhat outdated.Although genre stories are the eternal “doughnuts” in the market, it is not easy to make a circle.In the past few days, many of the “tap water” Amway’s “Rumored Chen Qian Qian” has rewritten the settings of traditional idol dramas.The episode tells that screenwriter Chen Xiaoqian had the chance to enter his own script and became Chen Qianqian.In the script, Chen Qianqian is a small supporting character who played the lunch in three episodes.In order to save his life and return to real life, Chen Xiaoqian can only do everything he can to “reverse his life”.”Script Life” is not uncommon in traversing novels, but the special feature of the drama is that it is a “feminine drama”.Stills of “Rumored Chen Qianqian”.In the play, a Huayuan City is fictitious. Huayuan City is a “feminist society”, with women as the honor and women as the platform.”Outside the female host, inside the male host”, women are in politics outside, fighting, serving, farming, hunting, doing business, etc. Men “feed the Lord” at home, do housework, have children, give respect to parents-in-law, read and readThere are no qualifications for women; women can have “three husbands and four sons-in-law”, men must abide by their virtues, and they will be pointed by others when they are dressed slightly .Of the miniature.”The rumored Chen Qianqian” has a strong contrast setting, which not only makes the audience feel refreshed, but also creates a lot of laughs, and at the same time has the irony of the reality.The series grabbed the lead and slowly gained popularity among the audience.Chen Qianqin grabbed people on the street.But in fact, the female emperor is not the first of “Rumored Chen Qian Qian”.Before the audience noticed the female through the playwright, the creation of female novels by Jinjiang Literature City and other female frequency has been spectacular.The female supremacy is to restore or build a world in which females are respected through works.In summary, there are several types of women in the world: matriarchal social type, reality improvement of strong women and weak men, translocation of men and women, and daughter country.”The rumored Chen Qianqian” is closer to the translocation of men and women. It is both strong and weak, and superior to men, and the male bears the birth.Prior to this, several female Zun TV dramas have actually been launched in China, but the response has been general.For example, the 2016 online drama “Crazy Queen”, the 2017 Net University “Zhong Lihuang”, the 2019 Net University “Iron Man” and “Flower and General”.The Queen TV series is still a relatively new genre, but it is foreseeable that after the “Rumored Chen Qian Qian”, the Queen TV series will usher in a trend.Whether it is the male dance team of “Flowers and Generals”, the “Planting Men” transformation center of “The Iron Man in Shame,” or the female-oriented Huayuan City in the “Rumored Chen Qianqian”, the female movie and TV dramas are the first.A fascinating worldview setting, thus attracting the first audience.When married, men must wear veils to serve women.But there is not a setting for women to be distinguished. Under the banner of women, it means that the series truly achieves respect for women and promotes women’s awareness.It should be noted that the motivation for the creation of the novels of female virtues is women ‘s dissatisfaction with the male-dominated society in which men respect women and humble women. They use the fictional world of female veneration to rebel against male rights.In the same way, qualified female movie scripts are not only based on women, but also should be carried through with progressive female consciousness, and even provide some kind of ideological resources for men and women to be equal.It is in this dimension that “Chen Qian Qian in Rumor” exposes its weaknesses.After setting a novel worldview, the mainstay of the plot is the love triangle between Chen Qianqian and No.1 male and No.2 male.It ‘s just a cliché. The problem is that in a world of female supremacy, Chen Qianqian is back to her “silly white sweet” nature. She almost does nothing. She relies on male characters to support her all the way.At the same time in the “Rumored Chen Qianqian” still, the triangle love of “two men and one woman” follows the popular sweet pet line in the market, showing men’s unconditional patience and love of women everywhere.In order to highlight the affection of the male character, sometimes the heroine’s unruly willfulness is also deliberately enlarged.Women need men to support them in order to progress, women need men to pamper to be the winners-aren’t these all male-dominated ideas?It is even more regrettable that there is also a “malicious female partner” in “Rumored Chen Qian Qian”.Chen Chuchu worked harder, more aggressively and seriously than Chen Qianqin, but because Chen Qianqin was favored by the city owner, he was not afraid of it, and he easily took advantage of the competition as the young city host.Isn’t Chen Qianqian’s grandiose “rely on relationship not strength”?After Chen Chuchu accompanied “blackening”, the plot trend was “women embarrass women”.It can be seen that although “Chen Qianqian in the rumors” attracts attention with female gimmicks and creates a large number of stalks with female settings, it is still a routine of sweet petite dramas, and the female consciousness it reflects is also “half hangingof.Female No. 2, may be blackened later.It is also worth mentioning that the creators of female virtuosoes should also pay special attention to the boundaries of female virtues-advocating females rather than encouraging male hatred.This reminds me of a Malaysian Chinese drama “Beautiful New World”, which was screened in China in 2016.It is also a female drama. In the world of the drama, there are many widows and men. A woman can marry two husbands, and men have no right to object.The screenwriter is not just thinking about transforming a female supremacy and suppressing the male supremacy society. The play has a deeper connotation. It reveals that in an extreme society, both male and female supremacy are deformed. Both men and women end upIt is impossible to be happy.This should become the consensus of all women ‘s dramas: the appeal of women ‘s powers is women ‘s rights, and the “rights” of women ‘s rights are women ‘s basic rights, not a copy of the male power system, and become women ‘s supremacy.□ Cong Yi (drama reviewer) editor of sauna night net Wu Longzhen proofreading Lu Qian

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