Two weeks of national football training in Dubai, Li Tie revealed that it will be very hard
The national football team completed the first training class after arriving in Dubai.Figure / Chinese football team official micro “This will be a very hard 16 days.”National Football coach Li Tie set the tone for the Dubai football training this time through social media. Yesterday afternoon, local time, the national football team completed the first training class after arriving in Dubai, and this training was officially opened.Li Tie said that from the perspective of team building and first training results, everyone at the international team showed a good mental outlook. The Dubai training was originally prepared for the top 40 games at the end of March, but the development of the epidemic situation, the two games will be postponed to October, November, the plan is currently waiting for FIFA approval. Affected by the schedule changes, the national football training plan in Dubai has also been adjusted.According to the latest news, the national football team will stay in Dubai for about two weeks. After the training, the players will return to China for rest, and the team will determine the re-assembly time based on the future schedule. “Although the two world preliminaries merged in March, we still have to concentrate on it, using this time to run in the team and be skilled in tactics.”Li Tie cheered the team members and reminded everyone that this will be a very hard 16-day training, which requires everyone to work together.” Judging from the team’s first training, the training content is mainly focused on physical fitness recovery, but then it will gradually increase the training intensity step by step.During the training period, the team itself warmed up with the Super League or other league teams to check the training effect.Sauna, Night Net Editor Xu Xiaofan Wang Xihuang Proofreading Li Shihui

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