Every day, I am very hungry for the seven snacks in the office.

Licorice apricots are often dry mouth, and people with irregular diets are most suitable for licorice apricots as a snack, because the combination of such snacks has a good effect of thirst and thirst, can relieve dry mouth and irregular diet.The resulting “food fire” also plays a very good role.

It is more edible when it is dry in winter.

Chuanbei 枇杷 sugar throat is not suitable, often with tweezers, or people with poor air quality in the environment are suitable for Chuanbei sugar.

Chuanbei can moisturize the lungs, the loquat leaves can clarify the lungs, and the mint has the function of cooling and warding off evil. If you are in the air, dirty environment such as street, construction site, smoking, etc., you can eat a chuanchuan shelley candy.Protect the lungs.

Guyuan cream is suitable for people with low backache, less menstrual flow, mild anemia, insomnia, palpitations and other women. In addition, people with good spleen and stomach can eat, people with weak spleen and stomach, and those who do not form stools should be careful.

Ejiao in the solid yuan cream, red dates, rock sugar can make blood and moistening, while black sesame, walnut has the effect of tonifying the kidney.

Turtle cream is best for working overtime, staying up late, getting angry, constipation, and people with hemorrhoids.

This small snack helps to lower the fire, nourish yin and tonify the kidney, eliminate acne, and relieve bowel movements. It is especially suitable for people who often stay up late, have yin deficiency and heat, long sores, itchy skin, get angry and constipation.

Ejiao jujube is known as the donkey-hide gelatin, which is made into dates, suitable for people with blood deficiency, insomnia, and poor quality.

Ejiao has a good blood-supplying effect, while jujube has the nature of qi and blood, and at the same time, the effect of nourishing blood and nourishing is naturally self-evident.

The cakes and cakes are weak for the spleen and stomach, poor digestion, excessive, and edema of the limbs can be eaten.

茯苓 For the control of obesity is a master, can spleen and stomach, but also control the generation of waste, can also resolve the waste that has been produced.

In addition, the beneficial effect of sputum helps to eliminate edema of the extremities.

Herbal tea is suitable for people who like to eat spicy food and eat fried and get angry.

Although there are many formulas of herbal tea, the main effects are heat-clearing and detoxifying, mainly cooling blood and diarrhea, such as Prunella, chrysanthemum, honeysuckle and so on.