Hormones are good for the health of the elderly

Why do some people still have physical strength and energy when they are over eighty years old, while others have to do daily life.

The answer to relying on the brains of others may be the hormones in their bodies.

  If future research work is successful, then hormone therapy will make the elderly over 6 years old suffer from superficiality. Even if they can not prolong life, they can at least enhance their physical fitness.

  Researchers in the United States are exploring the effectiveness of several stress-relieving and invigorating “rejuvenation”.

One of the research focuses on auxin secreted by the pituitary gland. In the past, auxin has been considered to be unimportant for the elderly; researchers are still considering the lack of entry into the supplement of testosterone; another hormone secreted by the adrenal gland.nHEA-dehydroepiandrosterone has also attracted the interest of scientists, which are said to enhance the immune function of mice and extend their life expectancy.

  In any case, these hormones will reduce the passage of time in the human body.

When a person’s age exceeds the age of help, the reduction of hormone levels in the body will obviously cause sexually transmitted diseases, aging and other rich diseases. The symptoms of aging caused by hormone reduction include muscle atrophy and fatigue, abnormalities in the body, especially the slight increase of the abdomen, osteoporosis., decreased immune response and insufficient toxicity.

  No one expects hormones to turn a coveted 80-year-old man into an iron man.

But studies have shown that hormones do make the burden of disease in older people a substitute for their ability to remain independent.

  A few years ago, the American Association for the Study of the Elderly took out a tens of thousands of dollars to study the hormone supplements of older people over the age of 60.

  Researchers believe that auxin and other nutrients are “related to promoting body growth and maintaining tissue cell viability.”

Auxin and its special elements that promote its secretion and function have become the stars of current anti-aging research.

In the past, people have always thought that auxin is only a factor that determines the height of the human body, but studies have shown that it has other effects.

European researchers have studied the cases of lactic acid deficiency and found that if the growth of the genus and retinoids are supplemented at the same time, the muscle, bone and system improvement effect will be better.

Hormones can also reduce excess aunts in the body.