Obesity and age

Regarding this issue, we actually mentioned these things in the previous section.

In order to understand more clearly the relationship between obesity and age, this is a data from a domestic survey.

The survey found that obese people who were fat before the age of 15 accounted for 11.

5%; 14% of those who started to gain weight at 15-19 years old; 18% who started to gain weight at 20-29 years old; 33% who started to gain weight at 30-39.

8%; 28-49 years old began to gain weight.

1%; 50-59 years old began to gain weight.

6%; 0 years old who started to gain weight.


It can be seen that 30-39 years old began to gain weight most, followed by 40-49 years old and 20-29 years old, which may have a certain relationship with people over 30 years old, life tends to be stable.

  It is clear that the prevalence of children (under 15 years of age) is expected to increase.

This has a lot to do with the unreasonable diet and nutrient intake that parents give their children.

For the child’s future, the child’s healthy growth will not make this “child adult disease” endanger our transformation. Every parent must correctly master the children’s eating style, eat three meals a day, eat on time, lessEating snacks, eating less sweets, and strengthening activities are important measures for weight loss treatment.

Adult obesity, preventive measures are an important step in weight loss treatment.