[Effect and Function of Mulberry Honey]_Benefit_Premise

Many people in life often like to eat mulberry. They also know that mulberry has high nutritional value. Mulberry and honey can nourish the kidneys. It is also a common medicated diet in Chinese medicine. It can treat neurasthenia.Digestion and absorption, combined with mulberry at the same time, is a perfect combination, which is very high in terms of efficacy and nutrition.

What is the effect of mulberry and honey? Traditional Chinese medicine explains that mulberry and honey are enough to nourish the kidney. It is a medicinal diet commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine. Kidney and treatment of neurasthenia are very effective.

Interested friends can see how related mulberry honey cream is made.

What is the effect of mulberry with honey? Modern nutrition research has found that mulberry contains a large amount of protein, amino acids and vitamins, which can nourish liver and kidney, improve kidney function, and eliminate symptoms of neurasthenia.

And its nutritional value is equivalent to about five times that of apples and grapes, because it contains a lot of supplementary fiber, which can promote bowel movements after consumption, avoid the burden of hypertension, and detoxify beauty.

Mulberry and honey can be made together into mulberry honey cream, which has a good effect of nourishing kidney and improving the symptoms of neurasthenia and insomnia.

Making mulberry honey paste is easy: First, prepare 300 g of raw honey and 500 g of dried mulberry (1000 g of fresh mulberry), then rinse the mulberry and pour it into a casserole with fresh water (avoid iron pots as much as possible).After 30 minutes of high-temperature frying, pour out the decoction, then add an appropriate amount of boiling water to the casserole, cover the pan and fry for 30 minutes, and then pour the decoction after 30 minutes;Continue to add boiling water and fry again. After 30 minutes, pour the third frying juice out. Then pour all three frying juices back into the casserole and cook over high heat until the frying juice is thick and thick.Honey, continue to boil until it boils, so that the mulberry honey cream is ready. You can also wait for it to cool and fill the bottle for later use, beating long-term use.

How to make mulberry wine is very popular in the market because it has good therapeutic and health effects.

In fact, this health fruit wine can be easily brewed at home!

Sang Qiangan can nourish blood and strengthen the body, and can also benefit the liver and kidney.

Mulberry dry sparkling wine can be stored for a long time, making it most suitable for autumn and winter.

There are two types of mulberry: black and white. The time limit for making mulberry wine is better.

After being dried, mulberries can be made into dried mulberries, which can then be used to make wine.

Let ‘s take a look at how to make mulberry dry sparkling wine!

1. Wash the mulberry with water, add corn starch, soak it in cold water, and remove it for washing after a few minutes.

Corn starch can play a role in disinfection and decontamination.

2. Drain the washed mulberries and dry them in a cool place.

3. Liquor made with more than 50 degrees, three or two mulberries for one pound of wine.

If you use rice wine, use one pound of rice wine and half a catty of mulberry.

4. Put the mulberry dry in the wine and soak it, and place the wine jar in a cool place and keep it sealed.

After soaking for a month, you can include it.