TV series “universal spray” misleads asthma patients Expert: use more or fail

Asthma attacks, just spray it with a small spray bottle right away. This is often the bridge segment in film and television dramas.
Respiratory specialists have a different opinion, and such substance abuse is likely to be counterproductive.
  At a health lecture held at Wuhan No. 5 Hospital yesterday, a specialist in respiratory medicine Ma Dan introduced that asthma patients carry “emergency medicine” with them, regardless of the severity of the illness, and spray it when they feel uncomfortable, which is very dangerous.
  He said there are many “emergency drugs” but the main ingredients are short-acting beta stimulants.
It can quickly relieve the symptoms of asthma, and it can be used emergencyly when the patient has belching, chest tightness and difficulty breathing.
However, these drugs do not cure the symptoms and should not be overly dependent.
  First, the sensitivity of the short-acting beta stimulant decreases when it is used more, and it will become “less and less useful”.
Once the drug “failures”, patients may face life-threatening again.
Secondly, the reason why the spray can spray is that the spraying agent is at work, and its main component is freon.
Ma Dan reminded that a small number of patients are allergic to Freon, which will exacerbate allergic reactions.
  He suggested that patients first determine if they are allergic to the spray.
After excluding allergic factors, you should take it with you and use it in an emergency. Only common symptoms such as coughing and wheezing should appear. Long-acting anti-inflammatory drugs should be taken.
  On May 6th, the National Asthma Prevention Conference released a survey report saying that in 10 years, the incidence of asthma in China has nearly doubled, and the key to treatment is to regulate medication.
Ma Dan found during the routine diagnosis and treatment that fewer than 1/10 of the patients do this.
He said that “standardized medication” includes two meanings: one is to take the medication as prescribed by the doctor; the other is to review it every three months, and the doctor adjusts the medication in time.