Six reasons men like women

Gentle and considerate, sexy and beautiful, hardworking and able to manage the house . Many women are so guessing that men like men, think that men have various expectations for the women they love: body, appearance, ability, family history, personality, etc.Wait.

But in fact, the conditions for men to fall in love with women are far simpler than we imagine.

  With women’s perception of men, men’s requirements for women must be “external” and “extensive”.

However, research by evolutionary biologist Randy Tejosier at the University of New Mexico in the past 15 years tells us that the image of women that men are most concerned about does not have to be as bumpy as we previously thought. In essence,”Symmetric body shape” is fine.

The following are the six premise that scientific research finds that men like women. Let’s take a look at the factors we already have.

  1. The symmetry of the body means that the left half of the body should be exactly the same as the right half, and the limbs are symmetrical.

Randy Tejosier has been studying military symmetry for the past 15 years.

He recorded the faces and bodies of different people into a computer with a scanner to determine the symmetry ratio.

The survey results show that both men and women consider the opposite sex attractive with good body symmetry.

Tejosir explained that this is a genetic advantage, indicating that a person has good viability, and that she / he is very healthy.

In general, men observe women slightly differently, and they know more about the symmetry of women’s faces than their bodies.

  2. Sexy chin research also shows that people in the ideal waist-to-hip ratio range are not susceptible to cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes and other diseases regardless of their weight.

Moreover, the difficulties encountered by women in this range also occur during pregnancy.

  Women with short chins and men with thick eyebrows are the most popular.

Tejosier said that males with these characteristics are attractive because they herald reproductive health.

Estrogen restricts the growth of women’s lower face and chin bones, making them relatively short. At the same time, this hormone also controls the growth of female eyebrows, making them more prominent.

Men are affected by retinal hormonal hormones, which help form a good lower face, chin and thick eyebrows.

  3. Waist-hip ratio The University of Texas psychologist Devin Singh studied the waist-to-hip ratio and found that the waist-to-hip ratio was zero.

7 (indicating that the waist is smaller than the shoulders) is the most fascinating for men.

Scientists have analyzed the size of a magazine model and Miss America contestants, and found that most of these women have zero.

Waist to hip ratio below 7.

For women, the waist to hip ratio is 0.

8 to 1.

Men between 0 have the highest blood pressure. At the same time, men’s wideness can also stimulate women’s sexual desire.

  4, appreciate the German scientist Manfred Milinsky and others found that people instinctively use their noses in the process of selecting a partner, and judge whether the other party is suitable for them based on the smell.

Scientists explain that this resistance to the sense of smell assists in identifying the function of the sweetheart is related to the body’s immune tissues.

When people approach each other, the odor emitted by the body will be perceived by the other party, and it will be determined whether it will cause discomfort to the tissues and organs in the body.

In fact, this identification of the other party’s body odor will not be affected by the external odor. Therefore, the proper use of perfume may help to enhance the other party’s favor, but it will not play a decisive role.

  5. Honesty. Interestingly, scientists’ scans of the brains of people who just fell in love show that the quality of lovers at the top of the list is actually honest.

Stephen Emren and colleagues at Cornell University conducted a questionnaire survey of nearly 1,000 young people aged 18-24, and found that volunteers were particularly interested in the honesty of potential partners, second only toThe important characteristics after honesty are appearance, family responsibility, wealth and hierarchy.

  6. Sense of humor Researchers have found that once lovers complete a long distance love run, the similarity of personality will strengthen their relationship.

In addition, a sense of humor also helps to maintain a long-term relationship between the two parties.

We can also understand that love and getting along need joy to maintain.

Eric Bresler of McMaster University in Canada said that the nature of humor is different for men and women. Women prefer men who often make themselves laugh, while men prefer women who are teased by themselves.