Vigilance: Rapidly fattening food blacklist

Some things will be thinner when eaten, some will not eat long meat, some things will be fat when you eat them. I will correct these foods one by one, put them on the blacklist, and be alert to the body killers lurking around them.

  All Western food: Don’t look at the dishes, each one covers only one corner of the market. The conversion of Western food is more amazing than the full Chinese food.

The denaturation of an onion appetizer can be as high as 800 calories, not to mention the steak.

  Camouflage food: Many foods are marked by health, but in fact there is not much nutrition, such as various fruit drinks, vegetable biscuits and children’s fruit desserts.

  Big burger: increase burger, double beef patties, constant price – can you really take advantage of it?

The moment of the Big Mac can be as high as 1520 cards, which is the result of a middle-aged woman’s day.

  Stuffed bread: The bread itself is well-nourished, but with chocolate, fruit, and creamy fillings, the sugar and conversion are doubled, and the nutrition is pitiful.

Therefore, choosing the original whole wheat bread is a good performance for yourself.

  The small cake is large: the cake does not seem to have so many uncles and transformations, but various high-content raw materials have been added during the processing.

Never let your child develop the habit of eating cake.

  Coffee: The conversion of a regular Starbucks white coffee is equivalent to two or two staple foods.

It is not the fault of coffee at all, and its transformation is actually very low.

If you love coffee, it is best to “slim” the coffee, choose a low-fat type, and do not add sugar and cream.

  The aroma of food in the supermarket: the most likely to be hungry when shopping, and then attracted by the aroma of the snacks in the supermarket, the meat products, will make people eat two things in the next meal.

When you go shopping with water and low-conversion biscuits, you can avoid eating too much food and tempting to eat too much.

  Foods that are hard to refuse around: more and more food, burgers, fries, salads, grilled meats, pizza, desserts. When someone is keen on new dining habits, they ignore the most fundamental sources of health: fruits and vegetables.These natural foods are a source of health.

  Fried foods: All fried foods should be eaten less. Don’t think that fried vegetables and soy products will be healthy. They are as large and large as they are removed from your menu.

  Therefore, maintaining a healthy diet will allow us to physically carry the deliciousness to the end.