China Taiwan Net November 13 November 13. US Secretary of State Burlin has picked up in a forum. According to TZDD, the Australian Defense Minister Daldutton said, if the United States took action so-called "defending Taiwan", "unimaginable" Australia did not join the US camp. For Dattians attached to the Taiwan issue and the madness of the United States, Australia has different opinions, Australian Prime Minister Keep clearly stated that Taiwan is not "key interest" in Australia. Australian Defense: Australia is "unimaginable" does not support American reports, Datt is a representation of the "Australian News" (THEAUSTRALIAN) to "join the United States so-called ‘defend’ Taiwan Camp".

He said that China’s "very clearly why it is necessary to take Taiwan", this is what Australia needs to ensure that it is fully prepared and allows it to play more effective and scared, which is how he thinks how Australia maintains a strong position.

He also said that if the United States takes action, Australia does not support the United States, "this is completely unimaginable."

  Australian Defense General has repeatedly said that "Australia will adhere to the United States to retreat" Daton more than once a tariff of Taiwan issues.

Australian Sky News Planning Datton’s video, Datut, Darutton

He advocated that the United States has clearly shown that Australia will adhere to the same import with the United States. On April 25 this year, Datt claimed that the "Australian Broadcasting Company" (ABC) visited, Taihai broke out the military conflict "should not be underestimated", and claimed that Australia has "high-level preparations" on this. Prime Minister Australia: Australia should not report it due to Taiwan, according to Taiwan report, Australian Prime Minister Keep said that when China’s mainland is in force, Taiwan is not "key interest" in Australia.

According to him, Australia should not be involved in military traffic in Taiwan, whether it is a national sponsorship or other reasons. Ministry of Foreign Australia: Wang Macau abides by Chinese principles to keep cautious to Datton morning, Wang Wenbin, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, clearly stated that abide by a Chinese principle is the meaning of China and Australia.

Taiwan is an indivisible part of China ‘s territory. Taiwan issues are purely in China, involving the core interests of China, and it is not allowed to intervene in any external forces. I hope that the Australian is fully aware of the high sensitivity of the Taiwan issue, abide by a Chinese principle, do not tell wholly, and do not issue any error signals to "Taiwan independence", and do more conducive to Taiwan’s peaceful stability and the relationship between China and Australia.

(China Taiwan Network Li Ning) [Editorial: Li Ning].