Total amount) and more accurate, efficient mining user needs, etc., becoming a new traffic position.

Take the Dongfeng in the industry, in 2017, the Whale Ling Group launched a good clothing, focusing on the private national brand selling industry, aiming to provide integrated supply chain solutions for thousands of small B. Based on the mature application of Whaling Aisaas, Taihua thinking makes it a wide coverage, covering the rich scene services such as supply chain, marketing, marketing, business background management, all the stages and needs required to open the store, you can get one stop here. Meet, and more importantly, Taiwan has obtained 3 million traffic owners, and their private domain traffic is the key to the whale win. Therefore, the emergence of the whale AisaaS empowerment mode will bring a broad world to the individual’s individual e-commerce. The quota has exceeded 800 billion, and 2020 increased by 100%, more than 10 million. This data was surprised by many people, more than being visually verified the huge potential bonus space of the private domain market, and also a brand company that was worried about the traffic dividend, and the cost-effective brand company revealed the dawn.

Fentee is a brand that is the first to eat crabs. On November 5th, the Fentend’s super-product festival was sold at GMV5 million, of which 3 million Gmv was sold in the third event. Finally, it has been out of stock, created the single The highest sale.

20 million, the sales volume increased by 52 times. Then, more domestic brands, noble birds, three squirrels, etc., also sold in the whale set.

Taiwan, mobilize countless KOCs and their communities. The PaaS + SaaS system of the whale spirit, Ai technology, so that the original huge complex private domain is built, explosive, becomes simple and easy, can be summarized, can be copied. Taiwan has not only included Chinese, Xiaomi, Adi, Nike and other 2000+ brands, and more powerful supply chain services, can rely on tens of thousands of industrial bases and supply chain manufacturers, according to the actual feedback of the consumer market , Reverse chemical custom products, incubate their own brands. Taiwan model changes thousand, the Whale Ling Group will continue to focus on brand and millions of small B traffic links, help merchants realize the fineness, data, intelligence, and shorter paths of private domain flow operations, and more efficient and intelligent Link marketing, promoting the future development of the entire private domain! Editor in charge: kJ005.