Modern Express News (correspondent Chen Ting Ruan Lihua Shi Wei Reporter Lu Wenjie) Changzhou new crown epidemic raid, three cell is sealed off, Lan Ling streets implement control.

Hospitals located in Changzhou Lanling streets, both the forefront of the fight against the epidemic, but also the heart of the epidemic, faced with the hospital staff is limited to 172 not out in the area of enormous challenges. Even so, tenacious Hospitals who did not flinch step, hospital-wide cadres and workers of one mind, and difficulties, to build a strong fight against SARS brick firewall Tim afterburner. According to Yang Fei before the next battlefield, but also to participate in the work of the FireWire 2012 is an ordinary nurse hepatology ward.

In July of this year, she was rushed to Nanjing support nucleic acid collection work as a volunteer aid Ning.

The outbreak struck her armored battle again into the negative pressure rooms main battlefield of the fight against SARS, and this is her second time to enter the negative pressure rooms.

Li Xiaoling nurse when informed her the news, she specifically asked the family has no difficulty immediately into the negative pressure will not affect family life.

"Matron at ease, at home no problem. I can always enter negative pressure rooms!" The young party members said firmly.

Less than two years old child at home, busy husband, both worried about her, but her power. Gentle and courageous, is her most exciting colors! Cell is sealed, Zhu Peng and Qu Meiling hospital bag is intensive care nurse, November 3, they hear their own cell is control, not only into the messages, simply are crisp live in the department, I do not intend to go home. Peng Zhu boy readily say, "Right now Corey total of only 16 doctors and nurses, but a lot of patients, and the disease are more serious, heavy workload. This time, I can not ball dropped!".

"These days, let her husband at home with children, he has experience, and I gave him the child at ease.

"Qu Meiling said as he worked. Due to the epidemic, intensive care unit has eight staff members living in the area sealed off and control, departments suddenly faced with the practical difficulties understaffed.

Thankfully, night and rest at home, doctors and nurses who are scrambling to help the department.

Xue Feng, director and head nurse led this brilliant yet a cohesive team, with a different kind of way of guarding the lives and health of people, stick to their party positions. Very moment, full logistics soldiers are not "after." Epidemic prevention and control of the Assembly rang, Hospitals logistics people plunged into action. Property, security, maintenance, protection after each team carry out their duties, clear division of labor, and efficient operations. Both day and night, the hospital every corner they were busy.

November 2 received an emergency notice, security and maintenance personnel around the clock, night operations, the nucleic acid collection points surrounding the installation of lighting equipment, tents, set reasonable channel sampling to improve the environment, to ensure fast and efficient completion of large-volume surge nucleic acid collection tasks. Meanwhile, property personnel to step up cleaning the 18th floor, Building 1, for the duration of the epidemic control can not go home, their duties staff to provide temporary accommodation to address the worries. Property, Victoria preservation staff fit, give up the rest, all the interns, Building 11 proper arrangements for the transition to the hotel. Demolition of bed, carrying supplies, deployment of vehicles, closed quarters …… This series of complicated matters in a short time, the logistics man behind cohesion is a bit of sweat rolled down and Yi Tangtang hard to run around. In order to fight this epidemic, everyone the trouble and go all out! "Although we can not go front-line help, but do logistical support for the fight against SARS warriors is incumbent upon us. Please rest assured, there are difficulties to find us!" This is all the logistics people’s voices. During the epidemic, HHS people came together to form one side of the fight against SARS indestructible "firewall."

I believe the epidemic will soon be over, the sun will eventually shine on the earth! related suggestion.