People’s Network Changsha May 11th "" Notary The cause is a complex.

"This year is the 34th year of Chen Lihui, director of Changsha City Mountain Notary Office, working on the notary position.

For more than 30 years, she has witnessed the historical changes of the reform of the notarization system. It always adheres to the initiality and mission of the notarism. In the real-hearted, the high-quality and high-quality and efficient legal services have won extensive praise.Teaching workers, excellent party workers, Changsha Municipal Judicial Administrative System Advanced Individuals and other honorary titles.

Put up to resolutely give up the "iron rice bowl" time back to 2015.

That year, Changsha took the lead in notarizing the reform in the province.

That year, Chen Lihui also encountered the most difficult choices in his career.

Although there are many dismisions on the notarization cause, she has decided to return to the civil servant in this institutional reform in order to have more time to accompany their families.

On the other hand, in the face of the current situation of the city’s notary, the leadership hopes to have extensive experience, she can stabilize the magistrate team, leading you all the difficulties.

"As a communist party member, in this critical moment, I have to go up!" In the face of the leadership of the Yin Yin, the love of the notarized cause, Chen Lihui did not hesitate to meet, bravely picked the burden, soon as Changsha City Director of the Mountain Notary Office.

"No person, no public venue, no funds."

"Chen Lihui recalls that the dilemma faced by the newly established notarization office exceeds his imagination. In the face of this" three no "situation, Chen Lihui overcomes more difficulties, and has formed a small team composed of five actors, and actively expands the notarization business. Side absorb the notarized talent.

After the completion of the completion of the work, Chen Lihui can return to the civil servant team, but she is worried that her left may lead to unstable people, affect the development of the notarization office. After thinking about three, Chen Lihui chose to stick to it, and then retreat from the brothers and sisters of the notary office.

Since the lead, the charge is on the line. Chen Lihui won the first large number since the establishment of the Yushan Notary Office, and made a public evidence notary business for a hotel in Changsha.

Chen Lihui led five actors, got up early, starting at 8:00 every morning, working at 10 o’clock in the evening, counting the relevant items in the hotel, and the workload is huge. After 5 days of hard work, preservation of evidence notary business has been successfully completed, and the customer unit is highly affirmative.

The completion of this large single business has greatly enhanced the confidence of the notary and established Chen Lihui’s working principles: Any major notary business, she will lead by example, with pre-command. A university reform house 20 years ago, due to some historical reasons, the property rights can’t be can’t do. In the second half of 2019, the help call hit the Yushan Notary Office. After a comprehensive understanding of the details, Chen Lihui made a first notary with his own expertise.

Due to respect the facts, this notary is to apply for legal provisions and is affirmed and recognized by the provincial house reform office.

With the support of the school real estate department, the notarization work is then fully launched. In order to facilitate the old-year-old faculty, Chen Lihui arranged a special notarized team to provide the door-to-door notarization service, and opened a notarized convenience service point in the campus, 3 senior notary turns duty, on-site or telephone solutions. Chen Lihui ran 4 schools after this, more than 100 households had completed it. It is the driving of Chen Lihui, and the driving of the front command, the Yushan Notary Office quickly stepped on the right track, the certificate was increasing year by year, the service sector continued to expand, and the masses satisfaction also increased.

It is difficult to get out of the difficulties in 2020, and many industries are affected by the epidemic, and many industries are no exception.

Probation relatives, study abroad, immigrants, etc. The foreign notarized business is basically stopped, and ordinary people’s notarized business has greatly reduced. The 8 months of the Yushan Notary Office have declined year-on-year, and some months did not apply. As the head of the Yushan Notary Office, Chen Lihui adheres to the prevention and control of the epidemic and expands the "two incorrect mistakes". Under her leaders, the notary took the initiative to contact Hexi’s large-scale enterprises and financial institutions, especially the medical supplies produced in the epidemic, and actively provided them to provide timely, fast, and efficient notary services. Through the initiative to attack, the Yoshan Notary Office came out of the haze brought by the epidemic, enhancing the cohesiveness and stabilizing the team.

Chen Lihui also took the initiative to contact Changsha High-tech Zone and established a high-tech section of the Yushan Notary Office to actively expand its business with relatively flexible policies in high-tech zones;

By the end of 2020, the Yoshan Notary Office completely reversed the decline in the year of the national notarization business, and overeloaded the notarized task issued by the superior.

If you don’t forget to have a high-rise, you must have thousands of households. If you want to put good guidance, you must be familiar with the notarized knowledge, and practice it. "From the Yushan Notary Office, Chen Lihui attaches great importance to Jianzhang System, strictly control the quality of notarization. She knows that a newly established notarization agency, the word of mouth is not a chartered, and she asked notary that the public can’t wait for the party to send the business, and must "go out, please come in." She also pays attention to business learning, helping young notaors to grow into a comprehensive legal service talent.

At the same time, Chen Lihui also profoundly realized that the cause should develop its own characteristics to form a development advantage, so she will expand its national key business as the main direction of development. To this end, the Notarization Office adheres to the organization of learning business every week, and the notary is taken by the public. At the same time while the maingueling of the notarization quality, Chen Lihui pays special attention to the party construction work and notary cultural construction as Branch Secretary. Combined with the actual work, the Yoshan Notary Office held a theme party day event once, mobilizing the enthusiasm of the majority of party members, enhancing branch cohesiveness and mind; she used to build a "integrity file" with team members, and used in recent years A typical case warning and warning of all personnel. "If there is a grade, it is a common work together.

"Chen Lihui frankly, from the Yushan Notary Office to this day, 6 years ago, all of themselves, just like a big" child ".

Nowadays, it is full of "formation" in order to maintain "formation" with average age of 30 years old, she has dyed, and continued to bring teams to the team to ensure the development of the notary office.

(Ouyang Wenyan).