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The unit is awarded the map of Changsha, November 7, recently, the 81 # 右 特 大 项目 项目 项目 完成 完成 完成 龙 新 新 新 新 新 新 新 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 新 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙

The 81 # pier steel cofferdam of Luke Xiangxi Bridge was constructed in the form of a rectangular Lassen steel pipe pile cofferdam, and the top of the cofferdam was 33 meters, and the internal setting of 4 is around, the inner pitch is from top to bottom. Rice, rice, rice, combined with the inner struts and the gauge to combine the overall stable frame structure, and jointly resist the water pressure of steel pipe piles.

In order to ensure the correct and pile of piles, the verticality of the pile is vertical, the input accuracy of the pile is to prevent the buckling deformation of the plate pile and improve the penetration ability of the pile. The project is set in the construction of the corresponding stiffness, sturdy installation platform. .

According to the plan, the next step will complete the 81 # Pier left steel sneakers, laying a good foundation for the underlying structure of the subsequent main bridge, and also won valuable time for the construction of the underwater part in the past 2022. It is reported that the main bridge and bridge, the main bridge and the bridge, the construction of the steel coffar, will complete all the main bridge pile foundation construction before the end of this year, the construction of the main bridge is completed by the end of April next year, and completed before the end of May Construction of the lower structure of the main bridge. The project is expected to be completed in 2024.

Twilight Xiangjiang Special Bridge Project Dongli Yunzhuang District, full length, main bridge and wading bridge total 1067 meters across Xiangjiang, design as two-way 6 lanes first-level road, design speed 80 kilometers, main bridge is four acrsizo Yan-type steel truss rod arch bridge, bridge wide rice; East, Western Waterfall bridge is a steel mixing combination Liangqiao, bridgewidth rice, and contractual contract 36 months. Liuping Xiangjiang Bridge is a provincial key project that promotes the development of Changzhu, Zhuzhu integrated development. It is a direct shortcut channel that connects to the southern part of Changsha and the king’s mountain. After completion, it will improve the "six-horizontal eight vertical" traffic backbone of Changsha. Road network pattern, resolve the development of "Changsha City’s horizontal urban and rural development hallway" development of traffic bottlenecks, providing convenient traffic conditions for economic and social development along the line, is of great significance for promoting the development of the core area of ??Changsha, Zhuzhai (Mu Qiang, Intern Zhu Yuwen) (Editor: Tang Li Wei, Luo Shuai) Sharing Let more people see client downloads.