A few days ago, Beijing Chaoyang District People’s Court issued a white paper for medical beauty disputes and informed typical cases. In the face of the chaos of the medical beauty, the Chaoyang Court issued judicial recommendifications to the National Health and Health Committee: "Promote the revision of medical beauty related regulations, improve the relevant violations, the relevant units or individuals of serious illegal drugs "(新闻 新 3 March 15) Today, a large number of market demand has prompted many individuals who have not had medical and beautiful qualifications to enter the medical beauty market, leading to a mixed situation in the fish dragon.

Some merchants have taken the pit and be deceived in order to "make a quick money", and they will earn profits.

And a lot of deceived consumers are difficult to defend their rights, or have psychological scruples, and they will not discuss their rights to have, which has fell a lot of merchants. Therefore, improve the threshold of the professional admission of the medical beauty industry, increase the punishment for violations, and further smooth the rights channels of consumers, it is necessary to clean up the imperative movement of medical beauty institutions.

Implement these initiatives, there must be both macro-level coordinated arrangements, but also form a lasting effort. First, it is an improvement in the legislative level. The Beijing Chaoyang Court has suggested that "revisit the" Medical Beauty Service Management Measures "as soon as possible, and promote the revision of the" Medical Institutional Management Regulations "and other relevant regulations.

According to the "Medical Beauty Service Management Measures" issued in 2005, four conditions responsible for the implementation of medical beauty projects, including the "qualified physician qualifications" "related to clinical discipline work experience", as well as relevant employment period requirements Wait. If you don’t even have the above qualifications, you should not engage in the medical beauty industry.

However, in order to expand the scale, some institutions in the reality are not strict, and even some "underground medical beauty institutions" did not even have medical basic skills. For this type of phenomenon, it is necessary to strictly review, and the agency that does not meet the qualifications will open a shocked ticket, not just the "order to reform" on the surface. As this Chaoyang Court, "medical beauty institutions for serious illegal violations must be resolutely revoked," the proposal for serious illegal related units or individuals "," the suggestion of life ban ", for market chaos, regulatory authorities should be according to law Strictly punish it according to regulations.

Those institutions to earn consumer rights, should have the corresponding responsibility, only these institutions and their personnel feel the power of the law, and it is possible to converge violations.

  It is also a field with great development potential, but in the development process, it should pay attention to quality, not just blindly "barbarism".

Clean up the actions of the medical beauty institutions, perhaps it is also a long process, but also need to be compacted by the supervision department, and the medical beauty institution has improved consciousness, thus collecting a clean and harmonious medical beauty market environment. (Huang Ximeng).