Fang Niannian plans to never find it again today,I bought it from the spiritual capital market,I have to buy two or three thousand gold,Xiaoqingzhuo is about to evolve,No delay。
“Report to you,Xiao Bai Qi’s Crystal,Spent a total of twelve thousand gold。”
“Big Black Fang eats food from your family’s outer court,This money is saved。”
“Xiaoqingzhuo’s Golden Phoebe Juice,I bought enough for a month,Spent two thousand three hundred gold。”
“And then the money we got from the villains in Sin City,And our deposit,From today,There is only less than a thousand sands left,boss,You haven’t posted my salary this month。”
Fang Nian reads a sum of money for Zhu Minglang,I’m so dizzy for a while, Zhu Minglang!
How come the monthly expenses exceeded 10,000???
I thought that relying on the inheritance of the clan palace and the villains,Able to live comfortably for a year or a half,It’s not yet autumn,Only one thousand gold left??
A thousand gold,I guess it’s not big enough for black teeth。
Big black teeth now,To eat pig demon dragon meat!
“or,Drop in food?I have seen many alternatives,For example, the crystallization of star fragments,There is a kind of star and moon ore in the spiritual resource market,I calculated,It only costs less than two thousand a month。And nanmu juice,We won’t buy golden nanmu,Nanmu juice is only a few hundred gold。”Fang Niannian asked。
“That won’t work,Must be the best,No matter how poor you are, baby dragon。”Zhu Minglang said。
“Your father looks rich,Let him reimburse?”Fang Niannian asked。
Guan Zhu Tianguan asks for money easily,This little money is nothing to him。
But raise your own dragon,Have to find a way to make money,The dragon pet level will be higher in the future,The amount of money to be consumed every month is greater,I can’t help Zhu Tianguan every month, right???
“This little money,It’s a loss to get him reimbursed,It’s ok,Isn’t this still a month away?,I will find a way to get it done!”Zhu Minglang said。
“alright,Recently I ran to the Cai Ling people,See if we can acquire high-quality and inexpensive resources。”Fang Niannian said。