Jim was stunned,Immediately laughed:“Hahaha,Thanks to Mr. Ye,I’ll accompany Mr. Ye to meet this beast!”
“Hey Hey hey,And me!”
Little helper hurried forward,The man on the side was pale,But still standing with the young master,Chu Daizhong clenched his fists,But still didn’t come forward,After all, this evil beast doesn’t have the confidence to fight。
Fuming doesn’t care,This kind of combat power is enough!
“Sorry,I want to live!”
Chu Daizhong’s eyes are full of apologies,Fuming smiled and waved his hand and said:“No need to apologize,It is your own choice,I will not impose intervention!”
Chu Daizhong looked at Rose,He gritted his teeth and turned and left here quickly!
Rose wants to make a word to stay,But I don’t know how to speak。
“rose,You go first,Your state is not suitable for fighting!”Look at the rose,Speak comfortingly。
Hesitation flashed in Rose’s eyes,But still stay firm,Fist demonstration:“Hey,Don’t look down on girls,I won’t drag you down!”
Fuming smiled,No longer say anything,War armor wraps the whole body,Back light wings stretch,Energy rises sharply,The halberd points at the ghost alligator“See Xiaoye kill you!”
A sharp light flashes in the eyes of the ghost crocodile,Roaring towards everyone。
Everyone waving their wings,Just avoid it。
“Combat skills-Wooden Cage!”
“Combat skills-Vine bondage!”
Two strands of wood attributes instantly cover the ghost crocodile’s body,Form wooden prisons and vines to trap ghost crocodiles in them。
The ghost crocodile screamed,The cold light flashes in Fuming’s eyes,Wielding the halberd and constantly attacking the ghost crocodiles,But the skin of the crocodile is extremely hard,Hard to harm it!