this day,Under the escort of Wang Youcai and,Wang Degui was finally discharged from the hospital while sitting with his son。As soon as the car arrived at the entrance of Xiping Village,Wang Degui asked Wang Youcai to stop the car。This stubborn old man,Got out of the car,Going home。
Old man got off,Chen Yueqin didn’t dare to go back in the car。Although she said she was reluctant,But got out of the car,Follow Wang Degui to home。
Yao Chunni has some cultural knowledge,And she was caught by Li Lanxiang at Chen Sui**Not bad,So when she saw her in-laws got out of the car,She had to follow。
There are some old people at the entrance of the village basking,One of the old men,Looks like 70 or 80 years old。As soon as he saw Wang Degui getting off the car,Ben haha smiled:“I heard that you are very sick,Are you optimistic now??”
“Ok!This time I did walk through the ghost gate。But the sons are strong,The director of the First People of Pingdu City personally treated me,It’s hard to get sick”Wang Degui said,Ben haha laughed。
Yao Chunni who followed behind was bragged by her husband,I almost laughed。Don’t you talk about ordinary strokes??Why did you go to the ghost gate??and also,Dean has been here,I didn’t seem to treat him personally.!This old man can’t see that he is still a big bull。
If not in front of everyone,Yao Chunni had already laughed out loud。
“Old village chief!Why is this girl giving birth??”An old lady smiled and asked Wang Degui。
Listen to Wang Degui,I raised my neck and said:“She is our wealthy daughter-in-law,I’m sick this time,She took care of me before and after illness,Filial”
“its not right!Isn’t your family rich in marriage?!This is not the one who came before!”An old man said to Wang Degui very seriously。If this matter is changed to other old people, I still feel embarrassed,But Wang Degui is different,He has become the capital to show off。
Just listen to him laugh and say:“Which one!Left long ago。Young people now,Have the ability,It depends on whether he changes his wife soon”
“What are you talking about?”Chen Yueqin who is following Wang Degui can’t listen anymore,Coldly scolded Wang Degui。
Wang Degui realized that he had a problem,Because Yao Chunni is by his side,He said something like this,Really inappropriate。
“Damn!Talking too much and thirsty,Hurry home and drink tea”Wang Degui can adapt,He was murdered by his wife,So I quickly found a step down,Hurriedly walked towards home。
Among the old people basking in the sun,Someone scolded:“Huh!Look at Lao Xia,Living in a big city for so long,He came back so low-key”