"Don’t returning to the hometown, submit relevant materials, mailing the birth certificate, do a good job after birth, it is really convenient, saving us a lot of time and effort." On November 1st, Mr. Wang is in the phone I would like to express my gratitude to the staff of Zhangzhou Opened Public Security Household Registration. Mr. Wang, Mr. Wang, usually lives and works in Shanghai. He is a newborn father, and is one of the beneficiaries launched by Zhangzhou launch "birth one thing" cross-provincial service. Mr. Wang said that his wife gave birth to a cute baby in late September this year, and the couple intended to set the child in Mr. Wang. Because the work is relatively busy, I will return to my hometown to do things, Mr. Wang thinks that "Zhejiang Office" platform can apply for a lot of household registration business, so I applied for newborns from October 31. After receiving the application for Mr. Wang, the opening of the public security household registration window, found that it is in line with the newborn "born" cross-provincial uniteral conditions, and calls the specific method of handling. Mr. Wang immediately submitted a joint application and sent relevant materials through express delivery.

  On November 1, the staff received the materials sent by Mr. Wang, and he handled the newborn to settle in the business, and then sent the new account book to free mail, and told Mr. Wang. Such a convenient way of doing, thanks to the "birth one thing" platform for "birth one thing" and the upgrade of the inter-provincial service such as "birth", and Zhangzhou City has also been fully upgraded in a near future, and the service has been launched. .

  According to reports, after the upgrade, the parents at least one party will have a newborn, which has obstetric medical institutions at all levels at the Zhejiang Province, have been completed by the birth hospital and planned to settle in Zhangzhou, which can be adopted by the newborn parents through "Zhejiang Office". The platform selection "one thing in birth" is unbained, uploading valid documents, filling out the parental profile, express information.

After completing the implementation of the face certification, the parents can apply for the newborns to apply for the "Domestic Household Registration" "Domestic Household Registration" "Urban and Rural Residents’ Basic Medical Insurance Reserve" "Social Security Card Personal Sparest Star Appointment" and other matters Working service. (Editor: Ye Bing, Kang Mengqi) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.