People’s Network Beijing December 3 (Pool Dream) On December 2nd, "Beijing Bank Cup" 2021 Beijing Central Cultural Heritage Inheritance and Innovation Competition (hereinafter referred to as the central axis contest) logo design track in the first review Time Shan Civic Cultural Center was held, and after strict review of experts, 100 design works stood out to the rematch.

As the first online selection of the central axis competition, this event invited to participate in the Beijing Municipal Government, and the deputy director of the China-axis Competition Organizing Committee, the Chief Expert of Beijing Cultural Industry Development Research Institute, Director of the Competition Expert Committee Mesong, Beijing Winter Olympics Committee Cultural Activities Winter Olympics Culture Arts and Art Director, Wu Yongping, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Professor Professor Wang Ziyuan, Professor, School of Art, Beijing University of Technology, He Zhong, Tsinghua University, Doctor, Design Cultural scholars are asked as the expert judge, the judges from the design creativity, conception, color, overall beauty, design effect, realistic and other dimensions, and comprehensive evaluation of more than a thousand entries, and finally The selection of 100 markers design works were selected. This review work was recorded by the event staff.

On December 8, the organizing committee will organize the re-evaluation activities of 100 works. The 30-way works scheduled for the final assessment will be unified on the media and the network. The public vote is selected from the center axis mark design of your favorite. Supported design points. It is understood that since the lack of design tracks in the central axis contest, they have received extensive attention and participation in the community, especially those such as Wenbo institutions, design institutions, art specialists, and a total of more than a thousand participating works. .

The work focuses on the idea of ??the Beijing central axis IP image, and explores the value of the Beijing central axis cultural heritage and historical connotation, providing positive reference value for the image design of the Beijing middle axis. (Editor: Mencheng, Gao Xing) Share let more people see.