People’s Network Chongqing on December 10 (Hu Hong) 9th, the Chongqing Municipal Federation of Trade Unions and the Municipal Emergency Administration jointly hosted, the municipal medical agricultural and forestry water conservation trade union hosted, the 2021-year Chongqing Safety of Chongqing Gasite in Southwest Oil Airfield Co., Ltd. The production labor contest ended, and 11 excellent collectives and 56 advanced individuals were conducted on site.

  It is understood that since 2019, the Chongqing Federation of Trade Unions United City Emergency Administration has carried out the city’s safety production labor competition with the theme of "Safe Promotion, New Age", which is designed to in-depth development of key industry safety sector, promote enterprises. Implement the safety production responsibility system and enhance the safety responsibility of employees. In the past three years, in the development of energy, transportation industry, according to the plan, 2021 safe production labor competition in the city’s chemical, medicine, oil and gas, water conservancy, agriculture and forestry and other industries.

  In 2021, Chongqing Safety Production Labor Competition has been implemented since the launch of safety hazards, mass security activities, safety skills improvement, safety culture creation, and other aspects of the online line. More than 50,000 employees from 75 companies have carried out more than 600 emergency training more than 600 emergency training, more than 300,000 safety production skills competitions, training safety officers, more than 900 security knowledge lectures, and issue safety classes Books, publicity materials more than 30,000 books. At the meeting, three units in the 2021 safe production labor competition record card, Chongqing gas Mine, Jianfeng Group, and Chuanwei Chemical, etc. were made by safety production experience. (Editor: Hu Hong, Zhang Wei) Sharing let more people see.