Original title: The first day of the Opening Opening Opening, I will continue to pick 4 gold 4 copper opens on the first day of the opening, good news. On October 23, the first competition day after the 11th National Disabled Games and the 8th Special Olympics, the Shanxi delegation was brave and won the 4 gold 4 copper.

  In the 110-meter field of the afternoon, in the 110-meter homework group final, Wang Yingchang, the province, Wang Yingchang, first, the opponent’s proud of the 15 seconds 18, and won the first gold medal after the opening of the Shanxi Delegation. Wang Yingchang is a Taiyuan, this is his fourth time to participate in the Burkie. The last resilial Olympics, Wang Yingchang won the 110-meter champion of the men’s track and field hearing bar in 15 seconds 52. In the next game, the top 10th residual bonus butterfly, frog swimming, personal hybrid swimming, the disabled swimming star Zheng Jie Tong fire, won the women’s S12-level butterfly gold medal, realized defending. The province’s player Zhang Yue won the bronze medal of the project. On the afternoon of the day, in the blind man in the Lili, Linyi, Shaanxi Province, a plurality of project finals, our province’s player Liu Wei won the women’s 52 kg gold medal, Ma Jinxin received a man 66kg gold medal.

Old will receive Xia Yifeng’s 48kg bronze medal, and the 19-year-old teenager got a 60 kg bronze medal. On the men’s lead ball, Nie Jiahui won the F40-class bronze medal.

  This residential Olympics, the province will participate in the 15th big competitions such as track and field, swimming, blind judo, table tennis, darts, and slippery. Up to now, the Shanxi delegation has taken 5 gold 5 silver 8 copper in the residual project competition.

(Li Qianqian).