“Yes,Then let’s walk!”
Zheng Yao first because there is Matsushita Zhixiong in his hand, it is not afraid of the wine well to know where he is playing.,After hanging up the phone, he got a car.。
Wine wells and a few,Finally, discuss that Zheng Yao is going to do,Because the security of the general is the most important。
Li Yuxi personally brought a gendarmerie to drive the alpine to follow the car with the general of Matsumot to the city,At this time she understood that there was no sniper around the special high-class class.,Jellyfish and animal husbandry should be ambushed outside the city.。
Wine Yi Yibei saw the car parked in front of the car:“Can you exchange people??”
Ma Yunfei came down from the car,He put the Matsuma Zhionji from the trunk.,Show the wine well:“Beauty!We meet again!”
“Ma Yunfei!”Wine Yiyi Huizi is now can’t kill this Ma Yunfei 10,000 times,
“That high cold!”Ma Yunfei saw the cold and safely shouted,
Wine is ordered to put high cold,Ma Yunfei also released Matsuma Zhiong,Wine well:“Don’t be impulsive,Because there is our sniper around this!”
Matsumoto is opposed to the hands,The mouth is still placed in the mouth,Alpine was tortured overnight,I have already recovered some,She is quick to go to Ma Yunfei near。
Look at the cash in the book every day!
Ma Yunfei passed her to get on the bus with the fastest speed.。
Wine Yi Yuezi is afraid that the jellyfish and animal husbandry have ambushed around, so they did not dare to let the gendarmer,I watched Ma Yunfei with a cold and grandmer.。
Back to the special high school Song Ben Zhixiong is a big hair,Because he is now, I don’t know what happened.,What happened when I sleep?,As a result, waking up has been fired in the trunk.,This is simply shameful。
Listening is all, I understand.,It is a six brother with Song,Tie Tiecheng,Su Wenqian,Song Xiaofan,Zhao Ji Zhi,Ma Yunfei,He Jian, they act together to Matsuma Zhiong’s residence,I have a key role in the fragrance of them.。
This is true,Zheng Yao first recently planned the stabbed Matsuma Zhiong?,And it has been stepped on,In order to save the cold, change the murder to the kidnapping。
Helurate,Alpine is safe,I hope that she will not be good.,It’s still very embarrassed to her.。
At this time, the bamboo is more suspicious, and it is a long history.,Because yesterday is his appearance, let himself interrupted the consecutive interrogation,And changed the trial plan,The result has such a thing happened today.,Actually, the cold, the woman, there is no hurt from the special high-class class.。
Think carefully if you are not a long spring,Alpine is now probably confession in torture!
“Long pool!You better not think what I think.!”The reason why the bamboo is known as the spy,It is because she must have a lot more than wine well.。
Rui Rui looks at everyone,Identify from the micro-chaotry, I found that the Yunzi in Zhuzhu’s suspicion,This has a feeling of feeling,Don’t let the alpine are sentenced to the suspicion in bamboo。
When Matsuma Zhixiong was left, he gave a dead command.,That is to eliminate Zheng Yao’s Shanghai Station within a month.。
NS215chapter Don’t tell anyone!
Matsuma Zhixion ordered to destroy Zheng Yao first, and No. 5 Anti-Tsuki Group within one month.,This is not a little grasp for special high school.。
I want to eliminate it first.,Wine Well Mei Huizi is a long history:“Long pool,Tang Ling two discovered the whereabouts of Zheng Yao,I believe that he can also find the third time.!the fourth time!Next, please please a special lesson.。”
“Class long,He has recently taken a person in the rental industry.,I urge Tang Ling again.,Let him increase。”
“Bamboo,This setback should not be careful.,Don’t think too much about other influences。”Wine Yi Yifang knows that Zhuneng Yunzi is still suspected of the pool,This is her occupational disease,As long as there is something, I don’t want to be suspicious.。
“Long pool class,Do I want to bring people to cooperate with Tang Ling??”Zhunexin,
“Seek,Because I have a lot of things in my hand.,If you can help me, it is fine.,But you must be careful,Zheng Yaoxian and Judge portfolio is to meet you,It’s almost cold now.,They are very professional killers。”
“I will be careful。”How to eat a big loss in Zhunee。
“But you’d better not go directly to the car’s car.,Because they know that you are a Japanese, you will definitely not help.,Manage them still want Chinese。”
Green Musk’s false banknotes are still waiting for some time to continue,During this time, he also allowed the Border of Wato to accelerate the Chinese people who trained the headquarters.,He said:“People who have headquarters of the agent can also implement some tasks.,Long pool class,Let them assist you。”
“Can,Justice that I have a special course.。”
“Want to pick up the pool in the pool.。”
“Is this right??”
“What is not suitable?,The agent headquarters is not our special two lessons,That is a special class。”
Wine Yi Yibei said:“Long pool,Above it encourages us to use Chinese people,Especially those who have experience,Don’t you teach two girls?,Next, it is always when they show their hands.。”