Hung up Gu Hua’s call,Chen Xiuyang said to the security guard:“My friend is coming soon,Can you wait here for a while??”
The security guard has been listening to him on the phone,The content is clear,And everyone who is eligible to participate in this auction is either expensive or expensive,Where is he a little security guard can afford,Quickly pass a cigarette。
“Mr,excuse me,Your adults don’t remember the villains。”
“It’s ok,You are guilty。”
Chen Xiu doesn’t matter,Accepted the cigarette generously,At first glance, it is a white hard box of Hongta Mountain with a pack of seven yuan。
“Sorry,Bad smoke。”
Chen Xiu just put the cigarette in his mouth,Half a month ago,He still has to think about buying a pack of cigarettes for seven yuan,Where is so much picky。
“Something like smoke,Is to kill time,Where is there so much care。”
“Your atmosphere。”
The security hurriedly helped him set the fire,I also took out one and smoked it together……
After a while,Many luxury cars came one after another,Many rich people get off the car,Bringing supermodel female companions into the venue one after another。
“Isn’t this Chen Xiu?how,Fusheng’s work can’t go on,Came here as a security guard。”
A big fat man came on,Chen Xiu felt familiar,It took a while to remember,This person is called Xue Fu,I used to take some antiques to Fusheng pawn shops to sell。
When Chen Xiu was not capable,I still can’t see the authenticity of those antiques,I just think about it now,There are eight out of those antiques、Nine is a fake,But the strange thing is that Li Kui’an has taken all of them back as genuine products。
It seems that Xue Fu is in the same group as Li Kuian。
“Who said I was a security guard,I also came to the auction。”
“Bragging!Just rely on you,What qualifications do you have to participate in Mr. Han’s auction?,Do you have an invitation。”
Xue Fu proudly took out an invitation card from his pocket,Proudly raised in front of Chen Xiu。