The dragon of the green forest hit the rock wall,School Tremor,Some lime fell from the side like sand,The students shrank to the end in shock。
The dragon of the green forest hit him and his skull cracked.,What makes it more unbearable is the eyes。
Blood spilled from its eyes,At first it was just a sting,But soon the pain spread from the eyes to the whole body,So that such a violent beast is paralyzed on the ground!
Looking at the dragon of the green forest that fell on the ground and howled。
Look at the Bingchen White Dragon that once again landed on the head of the Dragon of Green Forest。
Nan Ye seems to have been stung by that kind of dragon,Painful convulsions!
He lost again!
The Dragon of the Green Forest,The real dragon one step away from the dragon gate,I would lose to such a miscellaneous spirit!!
“you……What dragon are you!”Nan Ye roared in anger。
Zhu Minglang stand there。