“What’s wrong with migrant workers,Don’t underestimate yourself,I think you are already pretty good,Have the opportunity to enroll in a correspondence class for further study,Better than talking about it every day。I am leaving,Thank you for your coffee,Have a chance to sit together”Su Yiman said,Stood up,Stretched out her white tender little hand。
Xia Jian hurriedly stood up,Reach out and hold,Su Yiman’s hands are still so soft,I don’t want to let go。
Get busy,I always feel that time is not enough,Nothing to do,It’s time to get off work。
Xia Jian asked Zhang Sangui to park at the foot of Beishan,He wants to walk,Manage mood,Go back and face Old Xiao。He didn’t come back for only one night,It feels like he and Lao Xiao have been separated for several days.
Winter is coming soon,Walking on the road,Breeze,There will be a cool whoosh feeling,Xia Jian couldn’t help but speed up。
suddenly,There was a voice in front:“catch him,robbery”
Xia Jian walking with his head down,Was taken aback,It’s not dark yet,Someone dared to rob,It seems that Beishan’s security should be caught。
咚咚咚咚!A man rushed to meet,Far behind him,Shouting loudly,Encounter this kind of thing,It’s not his Xia Jian’s character if he doesn’t shoot。
Xia Jian stepped to the middle of the road,Guy running oncoming,Seeing Xia Jian on the road deliberately,He ran,Shouted:“Step aside,Be careful of your life”
Who should be careful,Xia Jian did not hesitate,Squat,The right leg swept out with strong wind。Good guy,Most people must fall a dog and eat shit,I saw this guy jump up,Tumbled in midair,Waiting for landing,People are at least two meters away from Xia Jian。
I ran into a master today,Xia Jian is a master who refuses to admit defeat,Hard work,Chased up like the wind,Although that person is very powerful,But after all, I ran such a long way,How much physical exertion,Not a few steps,Xia Jian chased him behind,Grabbed it on his shoulder。
“Have the ability to run!”Xia Jian shouted,At the same time,He wants to fall and climb this guy。
I didn’t expect anyone to look back,Just a sudden pause under my feet,The backhand was drawn straight to Xia Jian’s face from bottom to top,Xia Jianyi panic,Instinctively use the left hand to block,He couldn’t help screaming,Blood flowed down the cuffs。
Just now,The man has run more than ten meters,Xia Jian can only see clearly,That person is only a few meters tall,Neither fat nor thin。