Gu Rimou’s face changed a lot,Chen Xiu even took the opportunity to tease him and said:“Are you bragging to catch it alive?!”
“It’s hard to catch alive,It’s not a problem to kill it……”
Two more corpses fell from the sky and interrupted Gu Rimou’s awesomeness,This time I fell not far from them。
Gu Rimou had to change his mouth leisurely:“It’s a bit difficult to kill,But there is no pressure to win it!”
Chen Xiu didn’t bother to listen to him continue to brag,Look up,Everyone buckled all at once and the three of them retreated one after another,Seeing the giant elephant is about to break free of the barbed wire,Liu Yibai shouted loudly:“Li Tianzhang,Quick-use anesthetics,Or we will all be whipped to death by this beast!”
Tsing Yi youth Li Tianzhang shouted loudly:“Uncle De,Spread with crisp!”
An old man in his fifties jumped out of the ring,I took out a blower and a kettle from the backpack,Pour the gasoline in the kettle on the ground and it is a raging fire。
“Everyone spread out!”
Uncle De puts on a gas mask,Blow up the blower,A handful of anesthetic is still in the fire,Suddenly a puff of blue smoke was blowing towards the elephant。
The elephant inhaled the blue smoke and not only was not numbed,Instead, the roaring roars seemed even more exciting,Suddenly he broke free of the barbed wire。
“Fucking,Li Tianzhang,Is your Li family’s crisp dispersion anesthetic or spring?!”Liu Yibai spit out。