Chen Du readily responded。
“How about you?Dachuan,I’m going back these two days,You go back to Beijiang or stay here?”
“not sure right now,You have to wait for the order after going out。”Li Dachuan said,Ask Chen Du back,“Where are my team members?”
“Under Cave No. 57。”
Ten minutes passed quickly,Sandworms are also returning to the cave one after another。
Li Dachuan went to his team,Ning Beizhi went to meet Mo Tao,Let Gan Yifan wait for him on the entrance platform。
Didn’t wait long,Ningbei Zhi、Chen Du、Huang Kai and Haoheng came to the platform,Several action team leaders from Jiangning Province came here。
A few people saw Gan Yifan,Thank him,Want to get his phone number。
Facing such an occasion,Gan Yifan still can’t adapt,Talking with a few action team leaders with a bit of shyness。
Soon,Li Dachuan brought three team members from the other side。
He is always so serious,Come from him,The action team leaders didn’t say much,Until a few people enter the water,Gan Yifan looked back,Several action team leaders still stood in a row and saluted。

First192chapter:Come back home
A few days,The lake has recovered a lot,But there is still a big gap from the previous water level,It takes a while to get back to the original。then,If there are no other changes,As the time goes,Will become a wider lake,The restoration of the former reputation of Fairy Lake only takes a short time。
Everyone ashore,Gan Yifan doesn’t feel so deeply,Run the exercises to dry clothes,I didn’t turn my head back to the camp。
Other people are different,Even Li Dachuan,All standing on the lakeside and looking out towards the center of the lake。
These people left alive,But some people have stayed in the abyss forever,Never come back。