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-Episode- “Anjia”, “Perfect Relationship” became the national drama “Huanzhugege”, “Sword” and other old dramas were brushed by N. According to the survey data, more than 70% of the audience during this “house””Script” as the preferred method of entertainment.Among them, 72% of the audience chose to chase “playing the drama”.If such episodes are placed on daily working days, it is difficult for them to stick to watching at a fixed time.”An Jia”, “Perfect Relationship”, “Three Pillows and Three Pillows” have become “popular epidemic dramas”.According to China Audiovisual Big Data (CVB) statistics, in February this year, a total of 7 gold-ranked TV dramas broke ratings of 1; “Anjia” and “If the Years Can Go Back” are even better than 3, which is much higher than the daily average ratingsdata.In addition, 53% of the audience chose to look back at the classic old drama, “Huan Zhu Ge Ge”, “Sword”, “Forensic Pioneer”, “Zhen Huan Biography”, “Wulin Biography” and so on were frequently cited.When it comes to the reasons for chasing old dramas, more than half of the audience think that the content of the old drama is good, and it is not greasy at all; there are also nearly 20% of the audience who said bluntly that the new drama is not as good as the old drama.But there is no lack of current topics that have led to the return of old dramas. For example, “Ace vs. Ace 5” invited “Return Pearl” to reunite, bringing a while to “Return Pearl” memory killing; “Forensic Pioneer 4” Waterloo, but instead orderedThe audience fed back the first three parts of Forensic Pioneer; the popular broadcast of “An Jia” starring Sun Li also redirected some of the audience back to “Zhen Huan”.It is worth mentioning that major video websites have also developed feature film lists during the epidemic.For example, Youku has integrated a wave of medical dramas based on his illness, including “emergency physician”, “emergency room story”, “unnatural death” (Japanese drama), “beautiful heart” (Hong Kong drama), etc., and “late night canteen” (Japanese drama)Gourmet dramas such as Pocahontas understand the needs of the audience.IQiyi has launched solo shows such as “The Master”, “Two Worlds” and “The Sides Are Not Begonia”.A platform media revealed to Sauna and Yeenet that the number of hits on video sites during the epidemic actually went up rather than down. Some works ‘data is even better than the regular performance,“ Because everyone lives at home, they actually have more time.Platform.”-Variety-” Ace vs. Ace “and” Happy Base Camp “” Laughs “epidemic situation nearly 50% of viewers love to watch” Cloud Recording “episodes and successfully seize the audience’s time, but variety shows are facing unprecedented challenges due to the epidemic situation.According to survey data, 66.5% of viewers choose to spend their time in variety shows, but now they are limited to broadcasting programs but they are “out of stock” because they cannot record.The “Cloud Recording” special program of “Sound in the Circumstance” and “Everyday is Up” is guaranteed to be broadcast, but from the audience feedback, it still affects the perception to a certain extent.”Voice of God’s Choice” chose to broadcast two weeks of “fine programming”, and then had to wear a mask to record; “Happy Base Camp” “Ace vs. Ace 5” and so on, without audience “half-rework”.Simple, “Hey!”What are you doing?” “Our house together” and other “cloud recording” customized programs also came into being.According to survey data, 45.7% of the audience expressed “like” in a new form and thought it was very interesting; 32.In order to make up for the variety shortage, 6% of the audience occasionally watched it; only 20% of the audience made it clear that the on-site recording effect was not good.Among the programs currently involved in “cloud recording”, 50% of the viewers like the special program “Sound is Here”.The reason is that its focus on the “sound” program attributes, even the absence of guests does not affect the transmission of sound.”We highlight the concept of” home “and bring in the host, the chief sound coffee at home, and the ultimate sound show for participating people.These should be the highlights of the special program “Sound to Ten Thousand Homes”.”Xu Qing, the general director of” Sound in its Surroundings, “once said.And 44% of the audience said “Hey!What are you doing? Showed great interest.Although “no studio, no staff, no makeup”, the true record of the star’s ordinary life has attracted many audiences, among which topics such as # 李维嘉 妈妈 欢乐 #, # 何 炅 同 款 糕 # and other topics have been hot searched.-Documentary film-Relying on food to achieve anti-epidemic, the most concerned medical theme In this survey, although only 30% of the audience watched the record, in terms of the viewing habits of most users, the proportion has increased.Among them, nearly 70% of the audience can only rely on the food documentary “Desire” during the period of the outbreak.Chen Xiaoqing ‘s latest documentary “Boiling Hotpot” was released more than one month ago, and has been broadcast 74 million times on Tencent video; “Life Series 2”, “Supper Night” and other documentaries have been broadcast for nearly half a year, and there are many comment areas.Too many “diners” came to patronize.Qu Nan, director of “Steaming Hot Pot”, said in an interview with Sauna Nightnet that because of the epidemic, “hot pot” has now become the most missed food for netizens, and many people have started making hot pots at home.Qu Nan said that in the special period of the epidemic, hot pot is very suitable for eating at home, especially watching “Boiling Hot Pot” while eating, “I think it is very energetic.Hot pot buffet, if the cooking is good, you can make soup base yourself, if not, hot pot takeout is also a good choice.”The documentary focusing on the frontline medical staff of anti-epidemic and the documentary of medical intervention is particularly significant during this particular period.Various platforms have successively released “In Wuhan”, “Wuhan: My Diary for War”, “My White Coat · Diary for Anti-epidemic”, “Chinese Doctor” and other discs. Through vlogs, documentaries and other forms, they have presented medical care from multiple perspectivesThe real working state of the worker.Zhang Jianzhen, the general director of “Chinese Doctor”, found in an interview with Sauna that many medical staff in “Chinese Doctor” are currently fighting on the front line of anti-epidemic disease. The “Chinese Doctor” team also plans to travel to Wuhan to in-depth shoot and record anti-epidemic doctorBreakthrough and perseverance.It is reported that a large number of documentary teams, including within the “World of the World” team, are all preparing for shooting disease-resistant places.Data survey / sauna, Ye Wang Zhang He editor Tong Na drafting Xu Xiao proofreading He Yan

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