Not disbanded!Xinjiang Snow Leopard Women’s Football Team Continues to Survive
Fans cheered for Tianshan Snow Leopard. Figure / Visual The average age of the Chinese Snow Leopard Women’s football team is 21 years old. This young team is facing problems such as lack of money, lack of venues, and lack of coaches.The picture provided by the club is the same as the large cat carnivore snow leopard that is rare and difficult to survive on the Tianshan Mountain. This club called “Tianshan Snow Leopard” struggled during the epidemic.  On April 28, Xinjiang Tianshan Snow Leopard Football Club announced the dissolution of the women ‘s football team due to financial difficulties caused by the epidemic.Half a month later, Sauna and Yewang learned about the latest developments from the club ‘s responsible person: With the attention and support of the local sports bureau, the team will not disband and will continue to participate in the Women ‘s Second League and the club will continueFind a suitable partner for team development.  In 1 year, the Sports Bureau supported the two institutions to cooperate. On April 28, Xinjiang Tianshan Snow Leopard Football Club announced that the investment side Juntai Group was difficult to fund due to the epidemic. The club decided to dissolve the Snow Leopard Women ‘s Football Team.  Just three days before the announcement, the club had just announced that the men ‘s first team would receive a salary cut, becoming the first domestic football team to receive a salary cut.For a time, Tianshan Snow Leopard appeared to be one of the most affected teams in domestic football.  ”The club basically has no income, and the budget has encountered great problems.”” The relevant person in charge of the club said that before making the decision to dissolve the women’s football, the club had gone around looking for corporate sponsorship or take over the team.The dissolution announcement even stated that the team accepts “zero transfers”.  However, not long after the dissolution news was released, the situation turned around.The leader of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Sports Bureau met with the club ‘s top management, advised the team not to disband, and said that the Sports Bureau will help the team solve practical difficulties and provide related support.  On May 12, the club’s responsible person told the sauna and Yewang that thanks to the attention and support of the Sports Bureau, the Snow Leopard women’s football team will not disband and will participate in the Women’s Second League in the future.Next, the club merged to find a suitable partner for the development of the team.According to Sauna and Yewang, a number of organizations have recently proposed cooperation intentions to the club.  2 History Xuefeng to Snow Leopard “Why Are We” Before the snow leopard women’s football, there was a team called “Xuefeng women’s football” disbanded the previous year.Founded in 2015, Xuefeng Women ‘s Football Team is mainly composed of members of the U18 age group of the Xinjiang Sports Vocational College Youth Team. The team ‘s mission is to participate in the 13th Tianjin National Games.  In that competition, Xuefeng women’s football team won the second place in the qualifiers and advanced to the U18 women’s football semi-finals. This is the first time the Xinjiang women’s football team has entered the national games semi-finals.However, they made history, but failed to change their destiny.After the game, the team continued to form the club due to the lack of capital injection, and could only be dissolved in early 2018.  In the current snow leopard women ‘s football team, 9 of them are from the disbanded Xuefeng women ‘s football team. They faced a crisis of dissolution within 3 years.An old Xuefeng women’s football player who has already joined other teams is also very easy to hear the news. She did not expect the same to happen to her former teammates again.  ”Why are we again?”When describing the state of mind when receiving the dissolution news for the second time, a team member said this.The player told Sauna, Yewang that when they first heard the news of the team ‘s dissolution, the players were very panicked. Some of them wanted to go to other clubs for trial training.Those who gave up football to find another career, but through the turn of events, everyone’s mood gradually calmed down.  3 At present, only 15 people of the whole team practice on the 5-player field. In order to allow the players of Xuefeng Women’s Football to play, the relevant departments and Tianshan Snow Leopard Club finally decided to establish the Snow Leopard Women’s Football Team.When the dissolution decision was announced, it was only half a year since the team was built.For the past six months, the team has been plagued by the lack of talent.  After the dissolution of Xuefeng Women ‘s Football Team, there were eight or nine top players who switched to the Women ‘s Super League, the effectiveness of the women ‘s A team, and the remaining players ‘ages and levels are uneven.  In the preliminary stage last year, the club spent a lot of time selecting talents. Although a talent pool of more than 100 people has been built, the number of players who have reached the level of women’s B is limited.In the end, the team was still dominated by Xuefeng women ‘s football players, supplemented by a handful of college and high school students recruited from the campus.  Because no suitable players have been found, since the team was formed last October, the team has not been able to reach the staffing of a normal professional team. Currently, there are only 15 players in the team.Due to the small number of people, the team can usually only practice 11-a-side techniques and tactics in a 5-a-side venue, and the team can only play in a 5-a-side system.Under such training conditions, the rest of the players have been selected to the 5-player women’s national team.  In order to solve the contradiction in selection, the Snow Leopard Club has thought of many ways.”The club has established contacts with 11 football special schools in Xinjiang and signed talent training agreements, but has also established a cooperative relationship with the Xinjiang Sports Vocational College Youth Team.Said the head of the club.  4. Break through the lack of funds for women ‘s football. Xinjiang ‘s outstanding coaches are absent. Xinjiang ‘s football talents come from a large number of players. From the international team Mai Tijiang to U23 star Abdul Hamiti, Xinjiang players have a place in the Super League and even the national team.The league’s outstanding performance, Xinjiang U18 men’s football also won the third place in the National Games, but the honors are almost all in the field of men’s football, women’s football rarely make a splash.  A club official admitted that the “soil” of Xinjiang women ‘s football is not bad, and it is good to look at the whole country.The reason why Xinjiang women ‘s football is not fully developed is because it has not been given enough attention before, and each individual ‘s efforts in women ‘s football are limited.”Due to funding problems, energy is only enough to develop men’s football.”The person in charge said.  This is also reflected in the Snow Leopard Club.The Snow Leopard men ‘s first team currently employs a Spanish 5-person foreign teaching team. The men ‘s football echelon also has local professional coaches hired from domestic football developed cities.The women ‘s football team can only replace local coaches. Since the physical coach and goalkeeper coach have not been in place during the team formation, the female team goalkeeper can only train with the men ‘s echelon goalkeeper. Players in other positions can only practice skills and tactics without a goalkeeper.  The person in charge said that the lack of excellent coaches is also an important factor hindering the progress of women’s football and the entire Xinjiang football. “At present, there are no professional coaches of Xinjiang nationality.”In addition, due to the remote geographical location of Xinjiang, it is difficult to obtain excellent coaches from other provinces with high salaries.”For his talents, Xinjiang needs to train more excellent coaches in the future, and the counterpart support between the developed cities of football can be explored as a model to improve the level of football in Xinjiang.  Writing / Sauna, Night Net Xu Xiaofan

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