Why are Ruya white-collar workers obsessed with video sex?

At 10 am on the 22nd, Liu Bo (pseudonym) drew an equation of venting his erotic passions online: “Computer + Internet + Camera = Video Sex”.

Liu Bo was able to speak out and agree to publish his privacy. In fact, he was greatly stimulated. The most direct factor was that his girlfriend who had been in love for 7 years also fell in love with “video sex.”Breaking up to the normal love track, he hopes to persuade more people not to indulge in “video sex”.

  He embedded “video sex” in his boredom and even now all the online chat tools have enabled video chat, but the 28-year-old Liu Bo truly closed the love life in the network from the original voice chat.

  ”Every night we are crazy” “When I first started working, I was sent to a field office by the company. What can accompany me is a computer in the office.

Liu Bo said that there were not many computers with cameras at that time, mainly to pass his boring time through the voice function of the chat room. What he didn’t expect was that he soon became hot with a woman in a chat room.

“It was inevitable to talk about flirting, but I never found out that I would really have any feelings for her.

“Until one day, a friend told him that installing a camera was more enjoyable. It only took half an hour, and Liu Bo had already connected with a female netizen on a video site.

Since then, Liu Bo has been frantically searching for this alternative excitement on the Internet, and at the same time has his own circle of video friends.

“There are several girlfriends who can talk and we go crazy every night.

Liu Bo said that these women have clearly expressed their feelings of “doing” and not meeting on the Internet. Except for that thing on the Internet, they are good friends with each other.

This kind of simultaneous real-life interaction is what Liu Bo calls “video sex.”

  ”Many people can’t wait to pay for fun.” Later, in order to be more exciting, they started to enter a large chat room on the Internet in the name of husband and wife, and then began to interact with more than 4 people.

He said that because this kind of behavior may already be open to each other, so people who are familiar in the chat room will open the camera in a space, and most people will choose to look for some ambiguous in the chat roomThe name of the woman then made single-line contact through QQ and other methods, and most of these women are providers of online pornography services. Both parties voluntarily engage in sex videos and have to be transferred to understand.Pay money for fun in the form of coins.

“The female host chat room dancing and pulling customers” Under the guidance of Liu Bo, the reporter opened a video chat room and clicked on a host called “Xiao Xue” in the public channel. Despite being a public chat room, most of themMen are admiring the hostess’s unprofessional dance, and whenever Xiaoxue takes off to a key part, he will stop.

“Actually, you can’t take it off anymore, but you have to give money, and then both sides add QQ or MSN and then make separate contact, because if it is in public, it is pornographic services.

“After Liu Bo simply communicated with the hostess, the two parties agreed on a private chat time, realizing that they were already familiar with each other, and no one had taboos.

“A lot of hostesses are drawn to customers by dancing in public voice chat rooms, and then provide services in a more covert way.

“Bo Liu said.

  There is a naked picture of a man in her computer. Liu Bowan did not expect that his girlfriend had already fallen into “video sex” and could not control himself.

In January 2007, Liu Bo, who traveled frequently on business trips, returned home and suddenly found that his girlfriend was indifferent to himself.

“I didn’t think there was anything wrong at the time. It’s normal to have no freshness after spending so many years together.

“One time, Liu Bo accidentally opened his girlfriend’s QQ number. A man’s offline message turned out to be:” Your body is really beautiful. Can we come again? ”

“Liu Bo searched the chat records of the two and found the man’s naked video screenshot. The ambiguous words between the two were also unbearable.

“I suddenly found out from that moment that love was meaningless, and to some extent we both betrayed our love.

“In April of this year, the two finally failed to come together and chose to separate.

“It can be said that she also stimulated me very much through videos and other men. I always wonder if she will do the same in reality.

Viewpoint A kind of abnormal psychology Sex and love affect true love separately. Green, director of the Changchun Sunshine Psychological Assistance Center, said that “video sex” is a kind of abnormal sexual satisfaction., Men or couples who have been in love for many years are prone to aesthetic fatigue, but human nature will look for a breakthrough, that is, restlessness.

Women are permeated by the influence of traditional concepts and traditional lifestyles. They are more oppressive and spend more time and energy on family and education.

Men pay more attention to the rising cost of social life, and are more likely to “derail” emotionally.

  李文芳教授说:“另外,这群人每天都要面对网络工作,网络在成为工作必需的同时,也很容易在彼此的网络交流中成为这群人在情感上的唯一寄托,尽管‘视频性爱’在青年中被当做了时尚的最新代名词,但它的主要群体还是有独立经济能力的中年人,并且,参与‘视频性爱’的女性有越来越多的趋势.”” It must be recognized that the harm that video sex brings to people, no matter how many reasons, it can only show the emptiness of the soul of video sex and the waste of social spirit.

Moreover, this behavior of separating sex and love completely affects their partners and families in the real world in a subtle way.

“Professor Li Wenfang said.

  It has important practical significance to reduce extramarital affairs to a certain extent. Li Wenfang, a professor of psychology at Jilin Institute of Education, said that most of this white-collar workers between the ages of 25 and 35 have video chat experience. Because most people in this age group are inThe fatigue period of work and the fatigue period of family and marriage will naturally seek a brand-new emotional vent, and “video sex” will naturally become a way to both avoid moral hazard and meet the requirements of physical desire.

  For the adult group of temporary asexual partners (such as migrant workers, single white-collar workers, etc.), the channels of sexual release must be distressed by them, so there must be more distortions of “video sex” at present, and people’s acceptance must also beA process, but its emergence has important practical significance.

  Dr. Ma Xiaofeng, vice president of the Chinese Society for Sexual Health Education and engaged in clinical research on sexual medicine, believes that when someone starts talking about sexual issues such as “video sex”, the focus is often on its right or wrong. In fact, this is not necessary.

  Since it can make people enjoy the climax of sex, it should have its rationality.

“Video sex” can also be used as a supplement to single people’s sex, providing them with a safe and economical way to satisfy sexual desire.Couples living in two places can also use this to enhance their relationship and to a certain extent reduce the breakdown of marriage caused by prostitution or extramarital affairs.

  The “frontier” is not necessarily progress. It is easy to realize that this is an event related to spiritual and physical desires in a virtual space. It is also the latest “buffet” about sex. Experts define it as “extreme form of online dating””Or” the latest way to masturbate. ”

Although it is far from appearing before every host computer, it is growing fast due to human instincts and various social reasons. Its appearance has brought a huge impact on the concept of sex and life.

  In this woven world of illusion and reality, half of it is “flame”, which allows you to burn in virtual time and space; the other half is “sea water”, which allows you to touch part of reality to make the illusion more perfect.Aerial platform.

  We need to see clearly that technology can bring harm to human beings while satisfying human desires. This is a double-edged sword, and we should at least understand how to avoid “tying” ourselves.

The Internet is a good thing, but not everything on the Internet is suitable for us. The so-called “new wave”, once the “frontier” thing replaces the moral part, it is not a progress, it is not a behavior that can be blindly sought after。