Beware of healthy eating and drinking on National Day holiday

The National Day holiday is here. Friends who are struggling on the working line during weekdays can finally be busy and enjoy the holiday life.

Some people choose to sleep until they wake up naturally, and make up for their long-term lack of consciousness. Some people decide to invite relatives and friends to go on a trip, so that they can fully feel the ease and joy of nature.

Well, no matter what your National Day plan is, you ca n’t do without eating, drinking, and having fun. If it ‘s excessive indulgence, it ‘s very likely that someone will have a disorderly life, inappropriate diet, and emotional fluctuations, which will cause illness.Pay attention to diet and daily life, make yourself happy and healthy for National Day.

  Party fun and enjoyment. Many people take the long holiday as a “carnival” to indulge themselves and plan various overnight activities for themselves.

Such as friends gathering to sing, clubbing, chasing TV series, etc. These behaviors have seriously disrupted people’s work and rest schedules, leading to night activities during the day and sleeping during the day, turning into a real black and white upside down.

In fact, this behavior of staying up late and not replenishing sleep is very harmful to human health, even if you sleep too much, it is difficult to resolve the feeling of fatigue.

  People have formed their own biological clock in their normal life, and because of the temporary disruption of regular work and rest periods during holidays, people’s bodies are very uncomfortable, resulting in weakened resistance, weakened judgment, slow thinking, poor coordination, etc.In severe cases, there will be loss of appetite, indigestion, and decreased immune function.

Some people think that the behavior of supplementing sleep during the day can make up for the hard work of staying up late, but this practice is actually not feasible.

This is because sleep is a biological clock phenomenon, timing and expectation are indispensable.

Daytime supplementary sleep can make people always sleepless at night, thus forming a vicious cycle of bad living habits, making people feel more tired and tired.

  In addition, people do n’t advocate the behavior of sleeping in bed for a day to make up for sleep. This practice will cause people to waste most of their time in bed. It will also change the body ‘s biological clock, and some sensitive people will have difficulties.Case of falling asleep.

Therefore, during the holidays, people are enough to maintain good habits and rest habits, do not deliberately extend and change the sleep time, it is not appropriate to go to bed late at night, and it is not advisable to go to sleep early in the morning. You should go to bed early and get up early. The sleep time is generally 8 hours.

  Gastronomic meals are indispensable. Gluttony is naturally indispensable for National Day. Eating delicious meals and choosing a few glasses of wine are truly beautiful things on earth.

However, if overeating causes consequences, it will not be as beautiful as expected.

According to the public’s preferences, greasy, spicy and sweet are all the tastes that everyone usually likes, and of course they will eat more when they relax.

However, foods such as overeating can easily cause diseases of the digestive tract, such as peptic ulcers, cholecystitis, and retinitis.

Therefore, everyone still pays attention to restraint and should not indulge in their own desire for food.

  People live a busy and busy life, and the gastrointestinal tract is in a state of overload for a long time. If you give your gastrointestinal leave through a long vacation, you can relieve the usual hard work of the digestive tract and improve the utilization rate. He LeerWhy not?

Therefore, during the festival, people should pay attention to the matching of meat and vegetables, and master the balance of diet. The animal foods should not exceed the plant foods to ensure that the ratio of main and non-staple foods is an important substitute for nutritional balance.

Such as increasing consumption of vegetables, fruits, potatoes, fungi and other alkaline foods to reduce the fatigue caused by eating too much chicken, duck, fish, meat and other acidic foods.

In addition, during the holiday, you often eat more and exercise less, and the “garbage” in the body will also accumulate. You need to “clean up and waste” in time to ensure the normal operation of the body. Therefore, you should eat more kelp, fungus and other intestinal

  Go out and contact nature to do your own self-protection. In the autumn of National Day, the sky is refreshing, and it is a good time to travel.

Bring family, friends and friends to go out to touch the nature, and let yourself enjoy the freshness of returning to nature.

However, people who are on the road will inevitably feel tired, and if their resistance decreases, they will have a chance to get sick.

Therefore, friends who go out to play properly learn to protect themselves and prepare items before going out for emergency needs.

  If people have “getting angry” during the journey, such as sore throat, they can use mouthwash with salt water sooner or later to clean the mouth, eliminate obesity, prevent colds, and eat less spicy food at the same time.

Abdominal pain and diarrhea during the journey are mostly caused by eating unclean food. You can take berberine tablets, Huoxiangzhengqi pills and so on.

If symptoms do not resolve, you should go to the nearest hospital as soon as possible.

In addition, if you are traveling in the wild jungle, you should avoid exposing the skin to a large area; when it is found that it is bitten by a bug, you should remove it with a tool instead of directly removing or crushing it.

  In the autumn tourist season, the climate is changeable. Due to the large temperature difference between morning and evening, the human body’s immunity and disease resistance will decrease. Clothes should be added or removed in accordance with climate change to prevent colds.

Out-of-town travellers are advised to bring some commonly used medicines with them, such as cold medicine, fragrant scented water, cooling oil, eye drops and so on.