My deepest love hurts me most

When I fell in love with Xing, she didn’t choose me instead of spending the arms of my best brother. Although they didn’t go far, they hurt me terribly. I still remember the despair at the time.It ‘s my best brother. On the one side is my favorite person. They have been carrying me for a long time. Impulsively I almost killed both of them. Fortunately, I have a good brother who has been standing by my side., Accompanied me through that difficult period.

  Her parents are all school teachers, and her father is my class teacher. Actually, she liked me at first. Maybe it was because of her background. At that time, I was a bad boy in her eyes, fighting all day, smoking and drinking.

She was afraid of me at that time, so she did n’t dare go too close to me. I once told her during class that I wanted to kiss her, really kissed her and scared her.The brother said to her in danger, star, don’t be afraid, I will protect you.

That’s it, she and my best brother betrayed me.

They broke up a few months before graduating from high school, and she raised it.

Other classmates said in front of me what they were doing. I was a little angry at the time, thinking that she was so cheap, and the man’s self-esteem did not promise me to go to her.

Later, she passed the art department of our provincial normal university, and I also went to a general university in our province. I was disappointed with love. Although she called me a lot, she was so angry that I saidShe hurt her a lot, and the last time I talked to her so she bullied her. She never talked after she talked. Later, I heard people say that she was a freshman and many people chased her and never accepted anyone, but I do n’t want to look back.At that time, I had the best time with our Department of Sports Minister. I often went to find girls to play with her, so I wanted to forget my pain, until I met a girl who ended her game life, that is power, sheIt ‘s a girl from the north, but she has a little girl from the south. She is cute and cute. She still keeps the north straight in her bones. She loves and hates. The most important thing is that she loves me more than everything. When she meets her, sheIt ‘s like a blank piece of paper, I ca n’t even kiss. I got her self-esteem and loved her. I told her everything I had before, and I said I ca n’t forget her, butForce is still one直It hurts me, loves me, and gives me everything, thinking that she treats me well will make me forget it. Later, I heard that she is also in love, but her life is not good, her boyfriend.Hit her often for small things.

I also started to want to forget her and start to feel emotional again.

  But everything ended when the juniors met, I knew what would happen, but everything had to happen suddenly. When we met again, I did n’t talk to her on purpose, but I knew she was watching me from time to time.Said that I could feel that she was thinking of me. All this made me wonder how it was good. I used to face it a little bit and then came back to face. At night, everyone drank a lot of alcohol. So did we. She was sitting alone on the chair.I looked at me quietly, and I drank again and got dizzy. When I walked in front of her, she patted me and asked me to sit down. In recent years, I have missed my heart like a tide, and I found myself becomingI was kissed badly, I kissed her, she wanted to go, and I pulled her out and kissed wildly.

She said she likes me too, and I’ve waited for this late sentence.

But then I had to call my cell phone one by one, and I could be late.

Next, I was swaying. On the one hand, I had to be my first lover, and on the other, I was the one I loved the most now. I was struggling between them and didn’t know what to choose.

God cruel tricks. When I fell in love with another person who hurt me the most and hurt me the most, why should I look back?