After all, once Zhao Xiaoli divorced him.,When I arrived, I really had to follow the style.,Then he is there.。
But as long as there is no divorce,So many things will be different.。
I have a little affection for Liu Bigfu.,Some sound,Zhao Xiaoli gently opened his eyes,Then nodded hard。
Liu Dafu saw this scene,Directly happy holding each other in the yard directly to a circle。
this moment,Zhao Xiaoli actually feels very satisfied,Very happy,I think that I gave Liu Dafu last night.,The other party is clearly,But it is also those skills,Her heart is not yet by Liu Dafu’s eyes.。
The nose is directly chaotic to play on the white neck,It’s like a mad storm, and it’s the same as the banana leaf.,Sound sound。
Bonded under the harder of yellow wine,Liu Dafu feels that Dantian wants to burn。
As Zhao Xiaoli began to rush the nose, he felt the whole person to fly.。
Zhao Xiaoli is also directly ignited by Liu Dafu.,Directly,Tightly want to put the other’s head into your own chest。
Within the yard,Soon the sound of 窸窸 窸窸,Then the sound of the sound of the sound is ringing in the yard.,Two people forget my feelings directly let this night.。
Li Hui Feng did not know that he would let Liu Dafu have some wonderful things.。
Qin Su Ya after finishing,I will prepare it directly.,Ready to go home。
She doesn’t want to give Li Hui’s trouble.,I don’t want to add trouble with Li.,The style of the village,She also knows,However, she has seen some numbness to those style words.。
From previous fox,Crop,widow,trouble marker,Disasters to the present search Li Hui Feng,Put down stickers,Take the initiative to drive,shameless,These she knows,But these she didn’t care。
Because there is a man who is willing to die for her,What else can she sacrifice for this man?。
Even if you die,Her heart is also willing。
Li Hui also didn’t expect Qin Su Yaji to finish the meal.,The scene of the arrogant is coming out in his mind.。
He feels that Qin Su Ya must also know some things.。
Otherwise, it will not always keep a distance from him.。
“Little Ya,You wait for me,I sent you。”
Thirty-ninety chapter of the mountain village small life
“Not useless,You go to accompany your guests.,The road is so good now.,I will go back myself.。”
Although this is said,However, Qin Su Ya is in someone who wants Li to accompany the wind.。
“Hey-hey,They are not counting guests,It’s all old acquaintances.,I let them both eat first.,I will send you。”
Say,Li Hui also directly with Zheng Tiancheng and said a sound.,Take the footsteps of Qin Su Ya。
I saw that Li Hui rose.,Qin Su Ya couldn’t help but feel warm。
All the way,Both people are silent,But the kind of little feeling is still so comfortable.。
Look at the beautiful face of Qin Su Yaya,Under the light of the street light,Can glow。
Li Hui Feng found that Qin Su Ya Road in the night seems to be very chest.,It’s a hurry that is still a hurry like it is a little down on the day.。
This one found that he is some distressed,Since he is the same,Both are self-contained。
while walking,Li Hui Feng couldn’t help but gently clen the soft jade hand of Qin Suiya.。
Qin Su Ya also didn’t expect that Li Hui Feng will make such a move.,But she did not resist,Instead, Li Hui is holding。
When I am going to the village,Qin Su is afraid of being discovered,I want to break free.。