“Mayor Xia!On this condition in our village,You will just“Li Hulin said with embarrassment。
Xia Jian smiled slightly,And sat down openly,He smiled and said:“Chief Li!We are here this time to help the poor in Liziwan Village,Our goal is within one year,You must let your village get rid of the hat of this poor village“
“Mayor Xia!You may not know,The town has chanted poverty alleviation slogans to our Liziwan Village for several years,But no action,So the villagers don’t believe what you said。Moreover,The conditions in our village are not so bad,It’s not easy to get rid of poverty”Li Hulin sighed and said。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“Nothing is difficult in the world,I’m afraid of people。You as the village head,Don’t retreat first,If you don’t take the lead,Needless to say the villagers。You call all the cadres in the village right here,I will hold a meeting for you now”
Li Hulin hesitated,Run away。Xia Jian finds it strange,You said this broadcast is idle,Why not use it?He only found out after a try,This broadcast turned out to be bad。
About half an hour later,Village clerk,team leader,And the director of the Women’s Federation waited for five people,Plus the village chief, a total of six,The leaders of Liziwan Village are all here。
“I’m the new mayor of Pingyang Town,Maybe some people have heard of,I am from Xiping Village,The farm in Xiping Village、Vegetable greenhouses,And the leisure agriculture in Binhyang Town,This has something to do with me。The reason I say this is to tell you,Liziwan Village will definitely get rid of poverty,And can embark on the road to wealth”Xia Jian is straight to the point,Speak loudly。
These few leaders listened,And started talking happily,It seems everyone is still a little confident。Xia Jian continued:“I will do it for you now,Your six leaders divided the village into six districts,Clear the village road immediately,Nothing can be stacked outside the fence,Especially animal manure”
“Oh mayor!We are rural,These things are closely related to our lives,You said not to pile up on the village road,Where do you put it!”A team leader was anxious,He immediately opposed。
Xia Jian’s eyes widened and roared:“Excuse,I know these are your current farmyard fertilizer,But stacked like this,To affect the village appearance,Secondly, it is really unsanitary。I am here to tell you,The future Liziwan Village does not need to raise a livestock,Fully implement modernization”
“No livestock,What about our transportation?What else is used to cultivate the land? This is too unrealistic!”The other captain smiled and asked。
Xia Jian said patiently:“On the basis of tidying up the village,First build a road leading to the river dam,In this way, it is convenient for us to access the outside world,Then build the road to the ground。At that time, they are all driving tricycles on the ground。Farmland also has machines,Several families can use one”
“is it?Chief Xia,I hope these are not empty words”Village Chief Li Hulin said with a smile。