“Lie and Big Lie” screenwriter teamed up with Nicole Kidman to create HBO horror drama
Recently, HBO psychological shock shock defines the latest trailer of the new play “Nothing to Do”.The play was starred by Nicole Kidman, Hugh Grant, and won the Oscar, Golden Globe Award for Best Foreign Language Film, directed by Susanne Bier, director of “Night Shift Manager”, and written by David L.E. Kelly (David E. Kelley) Fencing, a total of six episodes, will be broadcast on HBO on May 10.It is reported that “Do Nothing” is adapted from Jean Hanf Korelitz’s novel “You Should Know” (“You Should Know”), noting that Grace Sachs (Nicole Kidman) is an accomplished personThe physiotherapist, living his ideal life, has a loyal husband Jonathan (Hugh Grant) and 12-year-old son Henry Sachs (Noah Youpe) who is enrolled in an elite private school in New York.She will publish a new book called “You Should Know”, in which she condemns women’s perception of not knowing themselves and causes women to pay attention to their first impression of men.However, just a few weeks before the book was published, the ideal life collapsed overnight.A tragic death involved her husband, her husband disappeared strangely, and a series of major incidents that she did not know about happened.While thinking that she knows her husband’s Grace very well, she was surprised at this time that she did not listen to her heart, but was unable to face the increasingly gradual fermentation and condemnation.She must give up her present life for herself and her children and find a new life.Sauna, night net editor Zhang He Tong Na proofreading

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