Winged beans have high nutritional value

Winged beans = green gold, showing its rich nutrition.

Winged Beans, also known as Peach Beans, Wing Beans, Wing Beans, Carob Beans, Emperor Beans, Xianglong Beans, Qu Xiaodou, etc.

It contains protein, vitamins, various minerals, and has a high nutritional value. It is considered “green gold”.

  Winged beans contain a variety of amino acids, and the amino acid composition is reasonable. The lysine content is higher than that of soybeans, and it contains rich traces and accumulated fiber.

It contains vitamin E, carotene, iron, calcium, zinc, phosphorus, potassium, etc.The content is particularly amazing, far more than other vegetables, is an excellent source of blood, calcium, nutrition, regular food can cure many diseases, Belongs to health-care vegetables.

Cutting-edge winged beans have gradually entered the general consumer market, and have been favored by people, becoming a new upstart in the big vegetable family.

  Efficacy: Winged beans have good effects on 19 kinds of diseases such as coronary heart disease, arteriosclerosis, cerebrovascular sclerosis, habitual abortion, oral disease, urinary system disease, eye disease and so on.

Therefore, some people call the winged beans “health food for the 21st century”, “miracle plant.

“Winged beans are rich in vitamins and a variety of nutrients, and have edible and medicinal values such as antihypertensive, beauty, digestion, and other effects. They are more effective than other beans and general vegetables, and are known as” five beans. ”

“Regular consumption of winged beans can prevent aging, enhance memory, weight loss, beauty, blood, calcium, zinc, osteoporosis, and it is extremely versatile.

Winged beans are delicate and crisp, rich in supplementary fiber, which can help digestion and improve rehabilitation. It is an ideal food for the elderly, children and caregivers after illness.

  Suitable for all ages.

Vegetarians and people who need iron supplements are best suited.

  The applicable amount is 80-100 grams per meal.

  Tips for cooking winged beans. Soak them in water and then soak them in fresh salt water for a while before cooking. The taste will be better.

Winged beans contain plasma protease inhibitors due to toxic substances such as hemagglutinin, so it should not be eaten raw to avoid poisoning.

Winged beans have a certain diuretic effect. People with frequent urination should be suitable for consumption, not too much.