According to the meteorological department, the cold air process in this year affects the province may be more frequent and strong, and the extreme low temperature event may have a certain impact on some industries and residents in some areas of our province. The reporter learned from the Provincial Emergency Management Office on November 16 that the Provincial Disaster Reduction and Disaster Relief Committee Office, the Provincial Safety Production Committee office jointly issued a notice, deployment to prevent the cold wave and this winter and the spring low temperature rain snow frozen disaster prevention should be prepared, ensuring the lives of the people Property safety. Check risk hazards and prevent accidents. Notice points out that various departments should quickly organize the risk of disaster risk hazards, collaborative grassroots government safety inspections and fault repair in various key venues, to the dilapidated houses, shed houses (sheds), simple rooms, temporary buildings and other structures Introduction to the focus on the key bridge, the dangerous road section increase patrol management, implement airport, terminal, ferry, ship anti-freezing and cold safety measures, test the equipment in the construction site, and conduct safety hazards for mines and hazardous chemicals industry. Fire safety inspection is carried out to the personnel intensive place, and the safety hazards are effectively eliminated.

Focusing on the warning analysis and research judgment, notice requirements, all levels should pay close attention to the change of strong cooling and low-temperature rain and snow and snow, and launch predictive analysis, rolling trade and disaster research. To establish a sound information sharing mechanism, promptly urge relevant departments and units to implement response measures.

It is necessary to make full use of news media, issue forecasting warnings and disaster prevention and disaster recovery information in advance. After the low-temperature rain and snow disaster, the people’s livelihood guarantee is the focus. The notice requires, to revise the emergency plan for low-temperature rain and snow-free disasters in time, to carry out the plan drill, preset the arms rescue power and disaster relief supplies in advance, strengthen urban public transportation, and do a good job in disaster relief materials.

It is necessary to start the disaster relief emergency plan according to the development trend and the needs of the disaster, and increase the investment in disaster relief. Combined with the current underworked damage to restore reconstruction and winter and spring rescue work will be used as a rescue. Tilting, ensuring that the victims have a meal, clothes wear, clean water, have a safe warm residence, have a disease to be treated in time. To make a good job in the prevention and control of the affected area, ensure that the social stability in the affected areas, the heart is stable. (Reporter Wang Hongyi).