"There are 5 unscrupled parts of the Ying District, and all units will be implemented on the No. 1 plan!" Local time on January 11th, with the emergency police report, China’s 16th batch went to the Sudanese Wi-WIM team to organize A new year’s first defense drill kicked off.

The officers and men quickly wear battle equipment, and they received weapon ammunition, and groups in accordance with the action plan.

On the scene, the liaison official uses the shoutager to "milit elements", and the fire group is covered with the bill of warfare, the alert group occupies high, and the peripheral sealing is implemented. The search group and the reconnaissance group were closely matched to invade the target, the medical rescue team quickly rescued "wounded", and the officers and soldiers quickly rely on the terrain object to prepare.

"The situation is handled!" The team summarized the exercise situation, further adjustment of the application of the emergency defense action plan. "Aiming at the local intricate security situation, it is to strengthen the training of training, ensuring that there is a sudden situation that can be effectively disposed of!" The staff of the Workie team said that in the situation of the turmoil, the peacekeeping task is implemented, as long as you hold the constant hard practice The roots of the combat power generated, and the hard work can be found, and the hard-winning of the victory can resolutely perform the sacred mission of maintaining the world peace.

It is understood that the detachment is mainly responsible for negative non-group project support tasks. Since the deployment, engineering construction, campaign emergency, ammunition library fire, epidemic prevention, emergency communication, equipment verification and other work. In order to ensure the safety of the camp, focus on the key point camera, the alarm is fully commissioned and replaced, reinforce the repair of defense facilities, and regularly organize officers and men to carry out emergency defenders, and to improve the level of troops to ensure that it may appear in time. All kinds of sudden dangers. (Photo report: Wan Duanwu).