According to the news and reform committee of Anhui Province, the construction land of the Jiangnan section of Chao Ma Intercities and the provincial people’s governments were approved, approved the land; along the river high-speed rail Hefei to Nanjing to Shanghai Expressway (Anhui Province) pre-trial and planningThe provincial natural resource department was approved, and the batch area hectare was obtained.

This is after the establishment of the Provincial Natural Resource Office and the Provincial Development Reform Commission jointly established the land factor guarantee for the coordination and promotion mechanism, the two key railway projects obtained by the special approval, and the topic is approved for the above two railway projects.The construction goals started and the construction goals started with the first project laid a solid foundation.Next, the provincial railway office will continue to strengthen communication with the provincial natural resources department, accelerate the land approval of railway projects such as new, Huai Yugu, and strive to fully implement construction as soon as possible, and actively contribute to steady investment.

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