Staff in sorting express. Reporter Li Haiyu took advantage of "Double 11", the Kunming Express Industry also ushered in the peak season for up to 3 months.

When everyone is immersed in the happiness of the express delivery, recently, in Inner Mongolia Erlianhot, Hebei Jinzhou and other places found that some express commodities new crown virus detection results were positive, and the national emergency investigation office is in the country. Many Kunming people are very worried, is it safe to receive? What prevent control work did you have related departments? Recently, the Yunnan Provincial Postal Administration issued the "Emergency Notice on Further Doing a Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Season in the Postal Industry," requires postal management departments and postal express enterprises to conscientiously implement the "Epidemic prevention and control period production operation standards I suggest "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" And guarantee the safety of operations. The measures industry involved infected emergencies "One stop and three checks and four guarantees" "Emergency Notice on Further Wellness Prevention and Control Work in the Pneumonia Pneumonia Pneumonia in Postal Industry" clearly, in case of industrial-related emergencies, according to "one The principle of stopping the second elixi three checks and four guarantees decisively take measures, resolutely prevent the epidemic from spreading through the delivery channel.

  For the discontolgency express mail in cross-provincial transportation, it is necessary to immediately responsible for the implementation of the enterprise to implement interception, isolation management, according to the actual situation, in place, and report to the whole vehicle disinfection and control, and report the epidemic control department to investigate the epidemic email express mail And harmless treatment, do not continue to ship and deliver freely.

  For the delivery of the incidence-related mail express mail, it is necessary to keep the details of the newly-related goods express delivery in the jurisdiction, and the situation will notify the local epidemic prevention and control department to take targeted measures to do a good job in the disposal of the incidental express delivery, and urge the express delivery enterprises to remind the recipient according to the place The Epidemic Prevention and Control Department requires the disposal of the signed express mail. In the peak season of the express service, consumption tips should be released in time to remind consumers to make personal protection of the opening of the box, guide the mask picking, and recommend to charge through the express cabinet, reduce people’s contact, do wrapped out packaging and hand disinfection .

  In order to ensure the safe and smooth operation of the industry during the peak season of Kunming Express Business, Kunming has launched the service guarantee mechanism of the express delivery season, and the Yunnan Province of each express brand will strengthen the bodies of the brand. , The supervision and inspection of branches, end outlets, and strengthen end staff, venues, capacity reserves, maximize the function of community terminal integrated service station, comprehensive use of resources such as postal, express, transportation, supply and marketing, trade circulation, enhance end delivery service capabilities .

  At the same time, Kunming also demanded that all express delivery companies, strict implementation of "wearing masks" "Washing", "measured temperament", "do not gather" "one-meter" and other basic health protection measures, adhere to "people" "material" with the same defense, strengthen International email express delivery venues disinfected, ventilated, and prevent overseas epidemics through delivery channel input.

  Visiting the courier’s implementation of the situation is uneven, according to the prevention and control of the epidemic, China Disease Control and Prevention has released the "New Corporation Guide" (hereinafter referred to as "Guide" on November 11 (hereinafter referred to as "Guide"). "Guide" guides and demands on pre-protection, business delivery, living environment and sanitation.

  Despite the "Guide", the reporter visited the discovery, express delivery, the personal prevention and control measures of the express sales staff were implemented uneven. At 1 o’clock on November 17, the reporter saw a express supermarket on the second floor of Hui Qianfang Commercial Street, Zigong District, and the shelves were filled with a large and small express delivery box. Wear mask, gloves. When the reporter asked if the courier arrived in the outlet, it was negative again. "Express should have disinfected, we have a lot of express every day, no time to disinfect, no professional equipment.

If you spray the venom, in case, you will not be treated. "The staff said. The person in charge of the Yunnan District of a courier company revealed to reporters that the exemption of epidemic prevention and control in the express delivery industry has formed a normalization process, and unified outer packaging disinfection treatment in the issuance and arrival of two links. But due to various companies Different, the implementation is different. The reporter visited many visits in Baima Community on November 17. When the express delivery of the express delivery enterprises did not be 100% implemented "wearing a mask" "Washing hands" when sending and receiving express delivery. "Measurement Wen" "Does Not Along" "One II" and other basic health protection measures. How to safely send and receive the Chinese disease control center disinfection, the principal expert Zhang Langbo is introduced at the Press Conference of the State Council, Prevent Express Communicate new crown viruses, start from three aspects. Infection, no disease is hosted; the courier will be protected on the way, the packaging is not directly exposed.

  2. After the delivery of express mail and centralized sorting, the courier company is disinfecting the express surface. 3. Do moderate protection, wearing a mask, gloves, and personnel to maintain a distance of 1 meter. The outer packaging requirements of the express delivery are not brought into the room. When it is necessary to bring, the disinfection wipes can be used to wipe the disinfection or spray disinfection. Zhang Liushui emphasized that after processing express delivery, he must do a good job of hygiene.

Reporter Li Shuangshun reported.