Maji complained,I have given an answer directly.,“A woman,Rosa。”
What!!Summer sitting in summer,Eyes,“Qinling?
This……How can it be!”
“What is impossible。”
Maji said,“Rakshasa be a few months ago,I have been active in the big battlefields in the third world.,She is copying your old road,Stepping on the corpse of many people get a reputation step by step,This battle is famous。”
Summer has not been happy,Brow,“What kind of strength she is??
Moreover,She is a Chinese man,Isn’t it to allow her to be a hegemony??”
“嘿嘿 嘿。”
Maji’s laughter is very strange,“so,Not long ago,She directly announced,Not becomingM13Overlord,What kind of strength is she?,Specifically do not know,But there is a fact,She defeated everyone。”
Summer is silent,Still feel unbelievable。
When the Wudang Pai’s Yuan Dao,I have repeatedly mentioned in the summer,Said that Qinling is an extremely rare martial art。
Or,Her root bones are simple and flawless。
It is simply that there is no one in thousands of people.。
But if so,How long has this?,She grows up to this point.?
If this is the case,That is too enchanting.。
Think here,Summer and ask,“Can you contact her??”
“terribly sorry,Contact,After she defeated everyone,Will announce that it will not be a hegemony,Then leftM13Headquarters。
Boss, you don’t know,Now the whole underground world is talking about this matter.……”……at the same time。
Gallery city。
Kangzhuang Community。
The courtyard of a villa,Liuhe Mountain stands on the ground,Zhou Zhou stands more than more than ten kinds of husband。
They all move,Qi brush looks at a corpse lying on the ground。
All people’s face,It’s all over.。
Bloody blood under the body,Already dry up into dark red。
The whole chest of the body,Insert a piece of roll-shaped leaves。
Hopic,Just like a huge flower,In slow bloom。
green,Leaves leaves。
Red,It is the blood in the reel still remaining.。
Beautiful and beautiful。
It is a Liuhe Mountain as a culprit.,There is also a disturbance between the look.。
Scalp,A fltosetened particle。
He is now even skeptical,Dark shot to deal with summer,Does not。
Imagine,He suddenly felt,I don’t seem to have no evil with the summer.。
First,He did not participate in the summer。
Second,Did not participate in dealing with the Ming people。
From a certain extent,He is still a brother of Xia Jiu Fug.。
only,He chose to look at the year.,Afterwards, this matter will be used to obtain interests for themselves.。
Even for the summer,Also threaten a few times……Forced pressure in various thoughts in the brain,He has long breathed a breath,Ambient,“If I guess the good words,This is the legendary dead flower,This world,Only one person can do。”