Even if it is always safeguarding his black,The eyes are gradually cold.。
“Hahaha,Kuroko,See it.,Heard it.,This newcomer is crazy.。”
White goose laughed,“He didn’t take your three battles at all.,You are still making bad people here.,Boy,good,I appreciate you very much.,How about this,Playing with me,How about it?”
Summer doesn’t speak,Just rushing him to hook your finger。
“Drink,Say you mad,You are really mad.。”
White goose,Take it out immediately in the hand,“Hey, you saw it.,It is what he wants to play with me.。”
I don’t wait for a blazer,A arrow is moving forward。
Even if there is no real yuan,The arm also expands,Blue blood vessels like a row of dragon-like tensile claws。
“Hoot……”He is a double punch,Continuous hit air,Pursue。
See this scene,Blackfon immediately,“White goose,Don’t be too embarrassed.,In case it is self-closing,Exit,We have never played.。”
This has got a response to most people。
I know that the level of white goose’s close fight is very strong.,Even if the distance is far away,I also feel the boxing face。
Once,I don’t http://www.soubisai.cn know how many people have smashed his iron.。
That is the real open hill。
Electro-optical flame,Summer is also shot。
I saw him on the top.,Below,People have already switched to the side,At the same time, a punch。
See a very casual punch,But fast,Angle diamond。
Not only avoided the attack of White Goose,Also let him hands。
White goose’s face changed,Dangerous instinct below,A burst,Single arms homogeneous on one side of the skull。
Summer punch has been tied to the real sweeping on his arms。
Under huge strength,Drive the bounce on the head side。
White goose face,Qi and blood,Magical horizontal。
Da da da,every step,The ground is trampled on the dust,Another air rollover,Suddenly。
Everyone,I feel that my brain is blank.。
Summer in the field,A trick,Trick,White goose that was originally optimistic by everyone,Can only wolf。
His fierce,His fight experience,His moving skills……I have no effect on this moment.。
He is like a clumsy big dog bear.,Hand passive left stovetop,Wolf to the extreme。
And that new young people,Just like a martial arts attached,Body、angle、Fist,All just right。
“Hey……”A sniper sound,Just like a hammer, it is generally unconventional.。