“Let you laugh,Lily, I like the gods, I like the head.,So this kind of thing often occurs in our genus。”
Looking at Lily and Hessya,Bell is embarrassed to look at the big life。
After all, the previous second of their God is still full of majestic,However, the image of the next second actually collapsed。
Bell also feels with Welf,This kind of god adult is very shameful in front of the outside.,So active explanation。
“I am a big man with Lily,Can admire the behavior of love in the heart。”
The child in love is in love with their own God.,Or love the child in my genus,It is not uncommon among Eurai.。
Bell with Wellff or thinking that the big life is to leave the Hessea,But in fact, she really admires Hespe Asia with Lily.。
Because she has always loved the gods of the gods of their own.,Unfortunately as a martial art,She didn’t even have Hespe as Lily.,Dare to express their hearts。
“The head of the group, the old man of the happy street ran away.,It seems that you want to know from him.,The ransom of Western Western Women should have no way.。”
Welff has been tapped by night.“veteran”s Mark,After all, Bell with zero experience,He is still some experience。
“This point,But you can ask about the guild.,By the way, I understand the details of the Ice Tower.。”
Three people who get a solution,Leave,Leave the night whispering dog jumping in the Hessea genus。
Soon, several people also learned from Elyna,The bottom of the Iva,It is indeed bought back by ransom.。
General price is in two million to three million,Of course, the unit here is the copper coins of Ela Rioli,That is to say, it takes about two hundred to three hundred eladli gold coins.。
Expensive prices make some unexpected,After all, one is ordinaryLV2Level adventurer,I want to make this gold coin quantity,I don’t know how many years I need.。
Even some small little genus,There is not so much property。
But although the price leaves,But the few people are still quite happy.,After all, you don’t have to follow“Isar Tower”People who have evil,Can http://www.okustore.cn successfully rescue friends,Just spend some gold coins,Already quite cost-effective。
Three hundred gold coins,But Bell’s strength,Far super other ordinaryLV2Team,As long as you will adventure,Come about a few weeks to make this money.。
But because of time urgent reasons,The big life has been intended to borrow from your own genus.。
Looking at the hurried,A few people who are ready to go in a hurry,Elyna, one side, don’t forget to remind it:“The head of the Western Wizard,It is said that people who have defeated the Ji Ji,And you have conflicted with them last night.。
Want to trade with them,Finally, I will pay the night.,Otherwise, I am unfamiliar, they will be difficult for you.。”
I heard Elyna,Bell a few people show a bitter laughter,The head of their family will be lost last night.,Want to go to Happy http://www.diexz.cn Street place,It is estimated that it is difficult。
I heard that someone of the Iza Tower has defeated Ais.,Several people are also quite surprised,But I don’t care too much.。
Last night they conflicted with people of Iva,But it is not a big contradiction.,As long as they apologize,I believe that the other party should forgive them.。
That night,Three people bring four hundred gold coins,Group again to Happy Street,I plan to redeem the childhood playmates of the big life.。
When entering the festival of Happy Street,Bell’s instant Amazon found in the alert,A large number of people in the Western Western Western Western Western。
“You have a few courageous.,Last night, in our site,I dare to come over today.!”
Talking is that people are also a Amazon,But it is different from Amazon, surrounding other things.,This Amazon is very ugly,And the body is obese like a cylinder。
Be right,Is which head-tailed cylinder,Bell station before the other side,It’s just the difference between the child and the big man.。
“Dear friends,We are here to apologize tonight.,Last night’s thing is our impulse,To this end, we apologize for us.,Express our apologies。”
Amazon named Furini,Although the body is obese and ugly,But she is the head of Isar Tower.,Up to up toLV5Senior adventurers!