The driver was speechless for a while,Didn’t this kid never sit in a rental?,What kind of gods are you pretending?。
Chen Xiu really rarely takes a taxi,I usually squeeze the subway to work,Taxi is a luxury to him。
After scanning the QR code and paying,Watching the taxi roar away。
“Eh,Now I’m also a multi-millionaire anyhow,I should buy a car too,Or worthy of the money in the pocket。”
When I was thinking about what car to buy,Suddenly a few black shadows blocked their way。
“You are Chen Xiu?”
Chen Xiu looked up,I saw three big men standing in front of me,Talking in the middle takes a solid muscle,The raised waist is now a hidden weapon,The two of them are holding their hands behind their backs,Obviously these people have bad intentions。
“Is not。”
The man in the middle couldn’t help but froze,The general plot is not as soon as he admits,Knock it down with a stick and finish it?
Why doesn’t he recognize?
Chen Xiu turned around and ran while he was stunned。
“Big brother,He is Chen Xiu,I watched the video,Can’t be wrong。”
“Fucking,Lie to me。Bros,Chop him。”
The big man in the middle pulled out half a steel pipe at his waist、The two people nearby also showed a half-meter-long watermelon knife and chased after Chen Xiu。
“Kid,There is a kind of you don’t run。”
After Chen Xiu’s body was transformed by the mysterious power of ancient jade, his speed was much faster than before.,It was a few meters away from the three chasers behind.。