You have to know the five benefits of running

Running can improve the body’s immune function. Cancer is a phenomenon of immune failure. Running will accelerate the secretion of certain hormones in the body, speed up the accumulation of white blood cells, and the survival time of white blood cells will increase. Once a small amount of cells appear in the body, it is veryIt will soon be annihilated by more white blood cells.

Not only that, running can double the interferon in the blood, and the antiviral and anti-cancer ability of interferon is inevitable.

At the same time, running will increase the number of lymphocytes, promote lymphatic circulation, etc., and lymphocytes are the first line of defense against cancer.

Running can improve the body’s metabolic capacity. The stronger the metabolism, the better it can delay the canceration of aging cells. At the same time, it can also integrate the body and not easily stand in an internal organ, and it is not easy to transfer and spread.

On the contrary, if a person is sitting quietly, the metabolic ability is weak, the body is prone to gain weight, and obesity is the cause of many diseases. Obese people are also a common person with cancer.

In addition, exercise causes the body to sweat more, sweat can replace the body’s lead, benzene, sulfur, phenol and other carcinogens and other toxins in vitro, thereby greatly reducing the body’s carcinogenic factors.

Running can improve people’s emotions and make people feel a sense of pleasure in the spirit, which helps to eliminate bad emotions such as sadness, anger and depression.

More than 60% of people with cancer found in the clinic are affected by depression or mental stimulation.

Cancer is an abnormal function of immune function, and the abnormality of immunity is produced after the destruction of mental balance.

During the running, the brain produces endorphins, which can cause physical pleasure, eliminate troubles and sorrows, and make bad emotions swept away.

Running increases the oxygen intake by several times or even several times. When you are quiet, the oxygen intake per minute is 4-7 liters, but when you run 100 meters, you can reach 100 liters or more. Some people think that only peopleThe oxygen consumption is more than 8 times that of normal, in order to prevent cancer, or to have cancer, but also to prolong life.

This is because the excessive exchange of gases can be eliminated from the body by some carcinogens.

Running can improve the body’s digestion and excretion. People who run often have a strong appetite, increased digestion, absorb more nutrients, and accelerate the growth and reproduction of cancer.

In addition, running can make the gastrointestinal motility, so that the retention time of food in the body is shortened, thereby preventing the carcinogens from staying for a long time and reducing the chance of cancer.